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   Chapter 415 Not Going Back Home

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Ken put his hand on Kerr's shoulder and tilted his head to look at Kerr's side face.

"Not bad. You can get married at any time if you want." Kerr knew that Ken cared about Bonnie, but he also knew that there were many obstacles between in their relationship.

As expected, when Ken heard Kerr's words, the light in his eyes gradually disappeared. He let go of Kerr, picked up the glass in his hand, drank up the red wine, and then muttered to himself.

"To tell you the truth, I know very well that maybe the relationship between Bonnie and me will not have a good ending."

This kind of feeling had been lingering in Ken's heart since the identity of Bonnie was exposed. It was just because Ken was reluctant to leave her like that, so he still pretended as if nothing had happened.

Maybe he was still expecting a different ending.

"What do you mean? What happened between you and Bonnie?" With a curious look at Ken, Harley was thinking about whether to propose to Lisa as soon as possible.

He loved Lisa. If marriage was the best promise to a relationship, he was willing to give it to her.

Hearing that, Ken didn't answer but shook his head.

Zachary, who had been silent all the time, just looked at the glass in his hand and thought of his little woman.

"You don't want to go back to the Gu family?" Looking at Zachary's expression, Kerr knew that Zachary was very satisfied now, but when the Gu family was in turmoil, Zachary had never stood by.

So even if Zachary didn't plan to go back to the Gu family, Kerr was going to give him a big gift.

Zachary shook his head, put down the glass in his hand, turned to look at Kerr and said, "You are happy now not because you have got the Gu Group, aren't you?

Everything of Gu family means nothing to me. I don't care. You don't need to test me w

king her head, Bonnie didn't dare to take a step forward.

"Hurry up!" Kerr said seriously. Because the window was very small, Kerr didn't know if Nicole and the others were behind Bonnie. If that was the case, her delay would only make Nicole and the others more dangerous.

As nervous as Kerr was, Zachary and Harley couldn't wait any longer. Zachary turned around and walked towards the other side of the villa.

Without noticing Zachary's leaving, Harley only paid attention to the back of Bonnie and didn't see Lisa behind her.


Hearing Kerr's harsh voice, Bonnie was startled. Her legs became weak, and she fell down from the platform on the second floor of the villa and screamed loudly.

Seeing Bonnie, Ken held her tightly.

"Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" Ken looked at her nervously.

Stretching out her arms, Bonnie just held Ken's neck and sobbed in a low voice. Apparently, she was frightened and didn't answer him at all.

"Say something. Is Nicole also on the second floor?" Looking at the window, Kerr didn't see Nicole. He knew that when the fire broke out, they might escape from different directions.

But Kerr wanted to find some clues, which could also shorten the time.

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