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   Chapter 414 Sudden Death

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After all, it was because of her that Lisa came here.

She had the responsibility and obligation to ensure the safety of Lisa.

Seeing the expression on Nicole's face, Harrow wanted to persuade her to leave with her. After all, Nicole had helped her, but when she was about to speak, she felt a strong smell of smoke.

Since she couldn't say a word, she had no choice but to carry Avery up the stairs.

Seeing that Harrow left with Avery, Nicole turned around and was about to call out Lisa's name, but was overwhelmed by an oncoming heat wave.

Nicole fell to the ground and covered her face with her arms.

With her hands on the ground, Nicole couldn't see the direction in front of her clearly and didn't know how to find Lisa.

She glanced around and saw the bathroom on the first floor of the villa. She covered her mouth and nose with her sleeves and then crawled towards the bathroom.

"Ahem!" Even though she avoided the smoke in the air, she still felt as if a knife was scratching her throat.

She wanted to speed up, but she gradually lost all her strength.

Thinking that Lisa was still missing, Nicole finally climbed into the bathroom. She had only one faith in herself. She turned on the tap and reached for the bath towel on the wall cabinet.

Immediately, she soaked the bath towel with water. Then she picked up a towel and covered her mouth and nose with cold water. Looking at the thick smoke outside, she was a little scared.

But she didn't hesitate at all.

She stretched out her hand and pushed the bathroom door open. Then she fumbled in the direction of the villa door.

Harrow took Avery to the balcony on the second floor. The window of the balcony had been opened by Bonnie, who was standing beside it, looking nervous.

"Why did you do that?" A

eryone know her feelings for Harley now? All of a sudden, there was an unspeakable sadness in Harrow's heart.

The secret that had been hidden in her heart was actually spoken out directly. It seemed that it was worthless for her to hide it in the first place.

"Only you know whether I'm talking nonsense or not. By the way, do you know how I know? It was Nicole who told me!"

Bonnie deliberately sow discords between Harrow and Nicole. She needed to get Harrow involved in this mass, which was the best for her.

"What did you say?" At that moment, the anger in Harrow's heart was ignited. She had warned Nicole not to tell anyone about it, but it was still known by Bonnie.

She felt that she had been cheated.

With a faint smile, Bonnie didn't say anything, just waiting for Harrow to make a decision.

In another villa.

Kerr sat on the sofa with a glass of red wine in his hand. His eyes were fixed on the dark red liquid, but he didn't look relaxed at all.

He always had a bad feeling.

"Bridegroom, what are you thinking about? I didn't expect that you and Nicole would really get married today, and that you are the first one to get married among us." Ken sat beside Kerr.

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