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   Chapter 411 My Dear Sister

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Bonnie smiled at Nicole. "Sister, wish you a happy marriage!" Bonnie put the glass in front of her.

Looking at the smile on Nicole's face, Bonnie had a different feeling.

"Thank you, Bonnie. I'm glad to have you by my side. I also hope that you and Ken can have a good result. But you're still young, so we're not in a hurry."

Nicole had noticed that there was something wrong between Bonnie and Ken, but there were many people around them, so she couldn't ask. In fact, she could guess the general situation.

Although the Qin family was not as powerful as the Gu family, it was quite famous in A city. It was not easy for Bonnie to marry into the Qin family. Nicole sympathized with her.

Hearing Nicole's blessing, Bonnie only felt bitter in her heart, and even felt that Nicole was satirizing her. Now Bonnie had lost everything, and even her surname 'Ning' didn't belong to her.

"Thank you, Nicole. I know you are always my good sister." Bonnie said lightly, but there was obvious hatred in her eyes.

Nicole didn't notice that, so she raised her hand and took a sip of the red wine in the glass. Since Nicole was with Kerr, she rarely had the chance to drink, so she could only drink a little now.

She took a sip and held the glass in her hand.

"What's the point of drinking like that? Now we just want to enjoy our single life as much as possible. Who knows if there will be such a chance in the future?"

Avery said excitedly, as if she was going to get drunk.

"What do you think? Can't we see each other again?" Nicole was half-joking. She also knew Avery's personality. She felt lucky that these people were with her, which made her feel warm even though she was an orphan.

In fact, she often thought that if her parents were still alive and t

? What were you talking about just now?"

Taking a step forward, Harrow knew that there was a secret hidden in Lisa. She didn't want Harley to choose the wrong person, so she must know what Lisa was doing behind them.

"Who are you? What's your purpose?" Harrow said warily.

"Harrow, is it because of Harley that you are hostile to me?" Lisa simile lightly. One couldn't hide their love for someone, even though Harrow had been hiding her feelings for Harley...

Even when Harley was present, Harrow restrained herself from looking at him, Harley was his girlfriend, so she could keenly feel Harrow's buried emotions.

But before today, Lisa had never thought of exposing this secret.

"Don't talk nonsense!" Harrow's eyes widened. No one knew about it. Now that Harley had a girlfriend, Harrow planned to keep this secret in her heart forever.

She wouldn't let anyone know about it. If Harley know, they wouldn't even be friends in the future.

Seeing the nervous look on Harrow's face, Lisa smiled and said, "Don't be so nervous. I won't tell these things to Harley, but I also hope that you can forget what you shouldn't have heard."

Lisa just wanted to shut her up.

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