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   Chapter 409 Bachelorette Party

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"Lisa, come with me. I have something to tell you." Holding Lisa's hand, Harley was about to walk outside.

He only wanted to be with Lisa now.

But he had to keep his words.

With a snicker on his face, Ken quickly walked up to Harley and stopped him. "Since you proposed the bachelorette party, of course you have to fulfill my promise."

Standing in front of Harley, Ken raised his eyebrows at Kerr who was standing behind Harley.

Hearing that, Harley was speechless. It was not until now that he remembered what he had said. He could not help but feel regret in his heart. "Maybe next time." He didn't let Lisa go. After all, it was rare for him to be with her.

Hearing that, Lisa just smiled faintly.

"No way! How many more weddings do you think Kerr will have? Only this time. You are a man. Don't be so indecisive." Ken stepped forward and put his arm around Harley's shoulder.

Then he dragged Harley towards the door.

"Lisa!" With unwillingness on his face, Harley turned around and looked at Lisa, who was standing still.

Kerr kissed Nicole's forehead gently and said, "Mrs. Nicole, cherish your last time of being single." Kerr knew that they still had a long time to be together.

Moreover, since Nicole was with him, she had to take care of Jay and Lucas. It was rare for her to have such a carefree time alone. He hoped that Nicole could be happy.

Even if they got married, Kerr didn't want marriage to be a tool to bind Nicole.

Nicole smiled, "Mr. Gu, I hope there won't be any strippers on your bachelor night." Half-jokingly, Nicole let go of Kerr's hand.

She knew how much Kerr loved her and how much he spoiled her, so she stayed with him without regret and bravely faced everything with him.

It seem

ldn't help smiling. When she was about to speak, the door of the villa was opened from the outside.

Everyone was curious who would appear at this time. Those men had already left.

Jared, who was standing at the door, looked into everyone's eyes and could not help feeling stressed. But since Kerr had given the order, he had to do it.

Walking directly to Nicole, Jared nodded at her, "Mrs. Nicole, Mr. Kerr asked me to take the Jay and Lucas back. Mr. Kerr said that since it's your bachelorette party, you should let all the men around you leave, so that you can have fun tonight."

Jared said, fixing his eyes on Jay and Lucas.

Lucas was not a problem since he was still young.

Reaching out his hand, Jared took Lucas from Harrow.

Seeing that Nicole didn't object, Harrow released her hand and gave Lucas to him.

But Jay had already run two meters away from Jared.

"I don't want to leave. I want to be with mommy." Jay would not be so stupid as to walk into Kerr's trap.

After all, he almost escape with Nicole in the daytime. Kerr wouldn't let him go easily now.

Nicole spread out her hands, "You have to deal with him yourself, Jared."

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