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   Chapter 408 Fate And Tragedy

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In fact, this was also Jay's temporary decision. If he succeeded in escaping with Nicole, he would not invite the Xue family, but when Kerr and Zachary appeared together...

Jay knew that his escape plan failed, so he sent an e-mail to Callie when Kerr and Nicole were together.

Hearing Jay's words, everyone turned their eyes to the father and son, who were looking at each other.

Nicole wanted to say something, but no matter what she said now, it seemed to be inappropriate.

Perhaps this father and son were born to be like that.

However, Kerr just glanced at Jay lightly. Obviously, he didn't take Jay's provocation seriously. Holding Nicole's hand, Kerr walked into the villa.

Ken looked at Harley, shrugged his shoulders to show his helplessness, and then followed Kerr back to the villa.

When they sat down in the villa.

Only then did Zachary Lin come in with Avery.

"Wow, it seems that we have a lot of good news today!" Looking at the expressions of Zachary and Avery, Ken had already known what had happened between the two.

There was a snicker on Ken's face. In fact, although he said so, he was envious in his heart. After all, people around him were here with their partners, but the relationship between him and Bonnie was not that simple.

"What is the good news? When are you going to marry my sister?" Nicole knew that although Bonnie was still young, she had experienced a lot with Ken.

It was not easy to have such a relationship. Nicole didn't want Bonnie and Ken to go through the pain of love again. If they could settle down earlier, maybe she could rest assured.

However, when Ken heard what Nicole said, he looked at Bonnie with embarrassment. Then he raised his hand to his mouth and coughed, "Bonnie is still young. I'm not in a hurry."

Seeing the disappointment in Bonnie's

e two could only use video chatting to communicate with each other, which made Harley feel very dissatisfied.

The screen made Harley feel unreal. Only when he held Harley in his arms did he feel warm.

Seeing the happy look on Harley's face, Lisa was satisfied. She went to great pain to come here in advance, and it was worth it.

"Am I not welcomed here? I haven't got the wedding invitation yet." Lisa took a meaningful look at Kerr sitting on the sofa and observed his expression.

It seemed that Kerr was not surprised at her arrival, but Nicole was a little surprised.

"Welcome, Miss Lisa. I'm very happy that you can attend my wedding." Nicole stood up and expressed her thanks gracefully.

At first, she didn't hate Lisa, and she didn't know why Kerr disliked the Xue family so much.

Lisa nodded and looked away.

"I don't know who said that it is a good idea the girls have a bachelorette party. I don't know if that person regretted or not now. Should we leave now?" Ken stood up.

Anyhow, both Bonnie and Nicole had made up their minds and the party would be held tonight, and he no longer had any fantasy.

There was only Lisa in Harley's eyes, and he didn't care about what Ken said at all.

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