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   Chapter 404 No Time To Explain

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Nicole pinched Jay's nose and took him back to the cabin.

"Are you sure not to remind Avery in advance? What if she passes out because of fear?" Nicole sat on the sofa, half joking.

Jay got down from Nicole and shook his head, "No, she won't. Avery is as bold as mommy." Jay was quite confident in Avery.

"Do you want to tell me why I fell asleep for no reason?" To be exact, Nicole passed out directly. She clearly remembered that in the car, Jay handed her a bottle of water.

Nicole frowned. She didn't want to associate this with Jay, but the fact was clear.

Nicole poured a glass of water for Nicole again and handed it to her with a flattering look. "Mommy, drink some water!" He handed the cup to her.

Squatting down, Jay stretched out his little hand and gently massage Nicole's legs with a smile, making her not have the heart to blame him at all.

However, Nicole did not think it was a small matter. "Jay, I hope you can think about the consequences of this matter before you do anything.

Besides, don't hurt others at any time." Nicole knew that after Jay returned to Kerr, he would no longer be an ordinary child.

She was worried that the change in family background would make Jay different from before.

She was also worried that Jay would learn something bad.

Jay nodded seriously, "I know, Mommy. Uncle Zachary will be here in an hour. I'm sure Avery will be very happy." Jay changed the topic.

The corners of Nicole's mouth rose slightly. She already had two children, and she also wanted Avery to get married and have children. This might be the best arrangement.

"Give me your phone. I'll call your daddy. He be worried if he can'

Avery didn't want Zachary to leave her again.

Hearing Avery's voice, Zachary didn't want to hear any refusal. He let go of her and kissed her directly, so passionately expressing his longing in his heart.

For the first time, Avery didn't resist at all.

At the moment when Zachary kissed Avery, Nicole put her hand in front of Jay, preventing him from seeing this.

Jay was a little helpless, but he didn't take it away.

The propeller of the helicopter was still spinning beside his ear. Jay frowned. Since Zachary had arrived, the helicopter should have left directly.

But now it didn't.

Getting rid of Nicole's hand, Jay looked directly at the helicopter.

Noticing Jay's action, Nicole lowered her head and saw that he was looking at the helicopter. Following his gaze, Nicole also raised her head.

Then a tall figure appeared in front of her.

However, the man's face was cold with obvious displeasure. Nicole couldn't help smiling. She could even feel his anger from such a distance.

Kerr, who was standing at the door of the cabin, saw the smiling woman at a glance. He felt relieved.

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