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   Chapter 399 Something That Doesn't Belong To You

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 5861

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Freya knew the importance of Nicole in Kerr's heart. If a man gave all he had to a woman, it was enough to prove the importance of this woman in this man's heart.

As a married woman, no matter what tricks Nicole used to win Kerr's heart, it was Nicole's merit since she would be with him. At least, Freya had never achieved something like that in her whole life.

Seeing that Freya didn't get angry at all but was very calm, Nicole felt a little strange.

Jay was worried that Freya would make trouble for Nicole again, so he stepped forward and was about to speak to Freya, but before he could say anything, he was stopped by Nicole beside him.

"Jay, go out with Auntie Harrow and play for a while. Help Mommy take care of your brother." Nicole stroked Jay's hair, smiled at him.

She knew that these things needed to be solved between them in the end. Although Jay was very sensible, there was something that Jay could not understand at such a young age.

Jay frowned and wanted to refute. He was worried that Freya would bully Nicole, but when he saw Nicole shake her head at him, Jay hesitated.

"Go ahead." Seeing that Jay was still hesitant, Nicole said again.

"I know, Mommy. Daddy and I loves you. Take care of yourself, okay?" Jay exhorted Nicole and said to Freya on purpose.

In order to let Freya know the importance of Nicole in the hearts of him and Kerr, he also hoped that Freya could be threatened.

"Don't worry." Nicole sent Jay and Harrow to the door and closed it.

When she turned around, she saw Freya standing in front of the French window. "Mrs. Freya, what do you want to talk to me alone?" Nicole said politely.

But she had a rough guess in her heart. The only thing that could make Freya so

ions of Jay and Lucas about me, why did you spend some time on considering how Kerr feels when he heard these words?

Or Mrs. Freya doesn't care about what her son thinks of her at all? Mrs. Freya, although I don't know how you took care of Kerr when he was a child, I really feel sorry for Kerr.

He has grown up in a family without any care. I'm glad that he can fall in love with someone. But Mrs. Freya, I hope you won't hurt him again. These things matter to him and me.

We just want to be together. I also hope that Mrs. Freya can let it go, and you will be happier."

This was Nicole's advice to Freya.

"Since you said that you didn't care about the shares, why didn't you hand them over? Don't think that I don't know what kind of company KN Group is. You deceived Kerr and want to take over the Gu Group alone.

Let me tell you, as long as Jack and I are here, you can't be the hostess of the Gu family! Nicole, hand over those things that don't belong to you!"

Freya hated that Nicole educated her like a Virgin Mary. In Freya's eyes, it was ridiculous for Nicole to say that. After all, in this world, only wealth could support everything.

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