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   Chapter 396 Act Wildly In The Gu Family

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Hearing Jay's voice, Nicole couldn't help but feel strange. Originally, she didn't want Jay to get involved. There were a lot of media at the scene. If Jay was directly exposed to the media, it would definitely affect his future life.

"Why are you here?" Holding Jay's hand, Nicole asked him nervously. She glanced at Kerr from the corner of her eyes. There was no expression on Kerr's face. Obviously, it was not Kerr who sent Jay here.

"Who will protect Mommy if I don't come?" Jay looked at Nicole with pride.

Obviously, she didn't expect that Jay would do this, so she could only casually touch his hair.

Looking at the appearance of Jay, Freya subconsciously took a step back. Obviously, she thought of what happened yesterday, which struck a tremble in her heart.

"Does grandma have any problem with Mommy? If you has any problem, you can tell me. In fact, Mommy is a good woman. I believe that I will make you happy."

Jay smiled innocently.

But only Jay and Freya knew what he meant.

Freya took a meaningful look at Jay, and then turned around. Without pestering Nicole, she directly left her sight. Freya instinctively disliked Jay.

Jack took a look at Nicole and Jay, and then walked to the side of Freya. "You should know how important Nicole is to the Gu family now. The most important thing is to get the shares of the Gu Group."

Raising the glass in his hand, Jack drank it up in one gulp. Then he looked at Freya and reminded her.

With an expression of unwillingness on her face, Freya knew that what Jack said was right. For the safety of the Gu family and for the guarantee of her status in the Gu family, she could only choose to be silent.

"I can't let her act wildly in the Gu family all the time. After the party,

Kerr felt guilty for him.

He wanted to make up for what he had done to Jay.

Hearing Kerr's words, Jay curled his lips. Then he naturally wrapped his arms around Kerr's neck and the three of them walked towards the room upstairs of the banquet hall.

Behind them, a figure in the corner saw Kerr and Nicole leaving. When he was about to follow them, he was stopped by Kim. "Sir, I'm sorry. The guests are not allowed to enter this area."

Kim pointed at the notice board beside him.

Behind him was the exclusive activity area of the Gu family, which could not be known by outsiders.

Hearing that, the man nodded and said with a smile, "Dorry, I just want to go to the bathroom." Unwilling to give up, he took a look at the direction where Kerr and Nicole disappeared and turned to the door of the banquet hall.

Noticing Kerr's leaving, Freya put the glass aside and followed him.

Kim had no right to stop Freya. When he saw her, he could only take a step back and make way for her.

After entering the room of the hotel, Kerr put Jay on the floor. When he saw the figure at the end of the corridor, he smiled slightly and didn't pay much attention to it.

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