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   Chapter 395 The Identity That I Have Been Longing For

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"Do you think you can win over that woman in this way? She doesn't want you to get involved in the group at all!" Freya's voice was not loud, and only the four people on the stage could hear it.

After saying that, Freya walked off the stage first.

When the opening dance of the banquet began, Jack left the stage and had to let Kerr and Nicole handle the rest as planned.

Kerr let go of Nicole's hand, took a step back, slightly bent down and reached out his hand to invite her.

With a smile, she placed her hand on Kerr's palm and bowed to him. The next second, she fell into his arms, feeling that his strong arms were around her waist.

The smile on her face continued to spread.

"Kerr, you will disappoint the Gu family." In fact, she also understood why the Gu family admitted their relationship at this time, for the shares of the group.

"So what?" Kerr didn't care about it at all. He tried his best to follow Nicole's steps and held her hand tightly. "Mrs. Nicole, you should be more concentrated when you are with me."

Nicole smiled and followed Kerr's rhythm.

Looking at Kerr's face, there seemed to be no change as the first time she saw Kerr in the Gu Group. Nicole didn't even remember when they had danced like this last time.

But his broad palm and warm chest comforted her.

At the entrance of the hotel, a white Porsche stopped after Kerr and Nicole entered the hall.

"The identity you have been dreaming of now completely belongs to Nicole." Looking at the direction of the hotel door, Moore said lightly.

Sitting on the passenger seat, Sunny didn't feel anything when she heard this. Her heart seemed to have stopped beating. There was only hatred left in her origin

ed to mean? Mrs. Freya, I know I should call you mom at this time, but I also know that you will not like me to call you mother, so I still call you Mrs. Freya.

I don't know what qualifications I need to became Kerr's wife, but I think no one is more suitable than me to stay with Kerr and become his wife."

There was confidence in her tone. Because of Kerr's favor, she was not afraid at all.

She had already been mentally prepared.

Although they met Freya's angry eyes, there was always a smile on Nicole's face. It seemed that her mood was not affected by Freya at all.

The two were in a sharp contrast.

"You!" Freya stepped forward, as if she wanted to teach Nicole a lesson.

However, Kerr reached out and blocked Nicole behind him. In the face of Freya's anger, he said, "I hope you can understand the current situation. You want me to come back with Nicole."

Kerr didn't understand why Freya had always been against Nicole.

"Daddy is right. If you don't want us to go back to Gu family, we don't care at all." Jay was dressed in a suit, a little taller than a year ago.

He walked to Kerr and Nicole with a smile.

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