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   Chapter 391 A Lesson

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 5930

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Before Nicole was about to say something, Kerr interrupted her firmly.

"If you can really find him, you won't have found him in the middle of the night. Kerr, don't use the same trick you used on outsiders on me. You should know that you learned all these tricks from me."

Jack was glad that Kerr was smart. But at the same time, Kerr was a double-edged sword. He could make great achievements in the Gu family, and at the same time, put the Gu family in the center of the storm.

He should be careful when he dealt with Kerr.

He was deeply aware of this.

"So? Are you not going to hand over him? Then don't blame me." Kerr had always been merciful to Jack, so he didn't give a fatal blow to the Gu family. But now...

Jack kept pushing him. Kerr didn't want to tolerate it anymore.

"Kerr!" Nicole held Kerr's arm to stop him.

"Don't be impulsive. We came here to solve the problem, not to create another one. The most important thing is to find Jay." Nicole comforted Kerr and turned to look at Jack's dark eyes.

"You can rest assured that I will be responsible for what I have said." Nicole made a promise lightly.

Seeing her modest attitude, Jack breathed a sigh of relief. He glanced at Kerr and said, "You can go back first. Move into the old house of the Gu family from tomorrow on, so you can naturally see the person you want to see."

The expectation on Nicole's face disappeared at one point one.

"Mr. Jack, can you keep your promise?" She didn't want to trust Jack at all, but she didn't want Kerr to have a conflict with him because of her and Jay.

Otherwise, all her concessions and tolerance would be meaningless.

"No one dare question me." Jack said lightly.

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief, but she stood st

y said, "Don't be afraid, madam. It's okay." She could only comfort Freya in this way. In fact, Cherry was suspicious, but she was not sure.

"Who is it?" Freya had never been frightened like this, so she could not calm down. She even felt that someone was watching her around.

It was very likely that her life was threatened and she didn't know.

Hiding in a tree, Jay looked at Freya and couldn't help shaking his head. He had planned to teach Freya a lesson, but he didn't expect that she was so timid.

It was really boring.

Holding the stones in his hands, Jay directly threw them all to the roof of the car.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Standing beside the car, Freya could even hear the crisp sound clearly. She immediately raised her hand and covered her ears. Then she ran away.

"Ah!" She screamed and closed her eyes. The high-heeled shoes on her feet had been lost.

Freya stumbled over something and fell to the ground all of a sudden.

Jay didn't want to make a scene, so he climbed down the tree trunk and fell to the ground lightly. "It's boring. You let me down."

He really didn't know why Freya, who was so timid, could have a son like Kerr.

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