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   Chapter 382 A Man Suddenly Appeared

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Hearing Kerr's words, the anger on Nicole's face gradually disappeared.

In fact, she also knew that these things were not like something that Kerr would do. "Well, I know that you did not do these. I just don't want them to make things difficult for you in the future.

Those reports are all fake. It doesn't matter. After lunch, I'll go home with you to see Lucas and Jay. I didn't go home the whole night yesterday. I don't know how is Lucas doing right now."

Nicole had planned to go home at midnight yesterday, but she failed to resist Kerr's passion, so she kept thinking about her two children.

They were probably the most unreliable parents in the world. They left their two children and went to enjoy themselves alone.

Kerr gently stroked Nicole's long hair and looked at her with obvious affection.

"I'll send you back later. Nicole, this time, I must let everyone know that you are a member of the Gu family." Kerr said firmly.

In the past, he owed Nicole a lot. He wanted all the Gu family members to make it up for her.

Nicole nodded and didn't overthink it.

After lunch, when Nicole and Kerr just stood up from their seats and were about to leave, the manager of the restaurant came over, stood beside Kerr and whispered to him.

Kerr frowned slightly.

"What's wrong? What's the matter?"

Nicole asked in confusion.

"I met an old friend. I'm going to say hello. Wait for me here. Don't go away alone." Kerr didn't want Nicole to see this friend.

Because Kerr was not sure whether they were enemies or friends.

Looking at Kerr's serious look, Nicole became more curious about the old friend mentioned by Kerr. She knew almost all the people Kerr knew, so she couldn't imagine who could make Kerr take them so seriously.


Before Nicole finished her words, Kerr turned around. Nicole had to sit down and wait for him to c

or, Kerr heard Ben's voice from behind.

"I guess Mr. Kerr will be very busy recently. Happy events are always troublesome. By the way, don't you plan to invite me to the party and share your happiness, Mr. Kerr?" Ben looked down at the newspaper in his hand.

The corners of Ben's mouth rose slightly with a smile on his face, but he was very dissatisfied. The hypocritical behavior of the Gu family really made Ben's heart full of contempt.

Sitting at the back of the table, Ben looked at Kerr's back and said lightly, "According to the description in the newspaper, it didn't sound like the Mrs. Nicole I know. Does Mr. Kerr start a new relationship again?"

Ben deliberately satirized Kerr.

Kerr turned around and looked at the obvious provocation on Ben's face.

"Mr. Ben, you have thought too much. Of course I will share such a good news with you. But there is one thing, maybe you have misunderstood. My bride is always Nicole.

If my memory serves me right, when Mr. Ben met Nicole last time, she was already pregnant with our second child. I will give her a wedding.

At that time, I will definitely invite Mr. Ben to attend the ceremony. I also hope that you can stay in A city for a longer time, and we can celebrate it together."

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