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   Chapter 381 Half Of The Shares

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"Nicole, trust me. No matter what happens, I won't leave you. I won't make any compromise because of others' words."

Kerr made a promise to Nicole.

With a faint smile, Nicole stood on tiptoe and gently kissed the corner of his mouth. "Idiot, that's your family. Why are you in a dilemma? If you don't care, what else do I have to care about?

"Since I have chosen you, it has nothing to do with your family. So no matter what happens to the Gu family, I will be with you and face it together.

If I can be your wife, I will definitely be the daughter-in-law of the Gu family." Although Nicole didn't know what to do, her tone was full of confidence. She didn't want Kerr to worry about her.

Kerr reached out his hand and held her in his arms. "Thank you, Nicole. I promise this is the last time. If you are wronged, I will take you away immediately.

You have to know that I don't want you to suffer a little bit."

Hearing his words, Nicole pressed her face against his chest, nodded and smiled.

In the Gu family's house.

Seeing that Freya put down the phone, Jack said lightly, "When are they going to come back?" Sitting on the sofa, Jack was dying to get back the Gu Group, although all the shares of the Gu Group were in Kerr's hands now.

However, in Jack's mind, it made no difference. On the whole, since it belonged to Kerr, it was the property of the Gu family.

Although Kerr was stubborn, they had already made a compromise. Kerr had no reason not to go back to the Gu family.

Freya snorted, "Kerr didn't agree to my condition." She knew that if Kerr agreed to take it under consideration, it meant that he might come back, but she didn't tell Jack directly.

She didn't want to see Jack's comp

ily. Otherwise, she wouldn't make it public this time.

"A gift? To create a perfect image? Only in this way can I deserve you?"

Nicole didn't care about such things at all. Whether she was with Kerr or not, she was Nicole. She was not very happy when she read the false reports on the newspaper.

"Kerr, I am who I am. Since I met you, I have never deliberately concealed the real me. I don't think I am shameful for who I am."

While speaking, Nicole handed the newspaper in her hand to him.

In the newspaper, they portrayed Nicole as a strong and independent woman who just returned from abroad and her parents died in an air accident. But it was not Nicole at all.

She wouldn't live in a fake story.

Noticing her displeasure, Kerr held her in his arms. He put the newspaper aside in disgust and said, "Nicole, it's unfair that you are angry with me like that.

As I said, if you are unhappy, we won't go back to the Gu family. I don't want you to be unhappy. What I like is the real you."

Kerr knew that Nicole was just feeling awkward.

Kerr knew that it was just a old trick of the Gu family and Nicole hadn't gotten used to it.

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