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   Chapter 379 Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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Kerr raised his head and looked at Nicole affectionately.

He wanted a promise from her.

It had a different meaning for him.

"I do." Nicole nodded and held Kerr's hand.

Kerr rose to his feet and held Nicole in his arms.

With her arms around Kerr's neck, Nicole's body slid into a perfect arc with his movements, with joy and gratitude on her face.

"You finally become my bride!" Kerr announced loudly.

He was never a person who liked to show off, but when it came to Nicole, Kerr only hoped that the whole world would know that Nicole belonged to him alone.

Perhaps true love can't be given up willingly. Possession, sometimes, is also a way of expressing love.

"Put me down. I'm dizzy." Although Nicole was very happy, she couldn't stand the circles anymore.

After putting her on the ground, Kerr lifted her up and walked towards the small wooden house in the garden.

Nicole noticed a twinge of joy in his eyes.

"Why I didn't see Grandpa Cheng and Granny Cheng?" Nicole looked around curiously. She had thought that Kerr would need a lot of help in preparing for this, but she hadn't seen anyone until now.

Even Grandpa Cheng and Granny Cheng, who were guarding here, were nowhere to be found. She couldn't help but feel strange.

Hearing that Nicole mentioned them, Kerr's eyes darkened and he kept silent.

"What's wrong?" Noticing that something was wrong, Nicole reached out her hand and stroked Kerr's side face with a worried look. She had already had a guess, but she didn't want to think about the bad.

Kerr put Nicole at the door of the log cabin and stopped. "In fact, Grandpa Cheng passed away a year ago. He has been in poor health, so he couldn't wait for us to come back.

You were

simple wooden decoration, but now it had become a cave they had lived in the D island. Nicole thought of the wedding night Kerr had mentioned.


Kerr was much more calm.

He had always been a man of his word. The wedding night he gave to Nicole before was destroyed by Jack. Kerr didn't want to disappoint her. He still remembered how surprised she was when she saw the cave.

So no matter what, Kerr would give it to Nicole.

Looking at Kerr's firm look, Nicole felt that she was the happiest person in the world.

She reached out and hugged him.

Kerr held out his hand and was about to carry Nicole into the wooden house when his phone rang in his pocket. He frowned and looked disappointed.

Nicole snickered and looked at Kerr's darkened face. she took out the phone from his pocket.

Looking at the number on the screen, the smile on her face suddenly froze. After hesitating for a while, she handed the phone to Kerr and said, "This is for you."

Getting out of Kerr's arms, Nicole walked into the room alone.

Looking at the number displayed on the screen, Kerr wanted to hang up, but he knew that escape was not the best way.

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