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   Chapter 376 Let It Go

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Sunny froze as she was holding Ron in her arms. She looked up at Moore and said, "I know what I'm doing. Kerr has destroyed my father and the my family has been destroyed by him.

Do you think that I will come back to him? Never. I will never be with Kerr for the rest of my life." Sunny had already given up on Kerr. 

After the psychotherapist's treatment, Sunny had clearly realized her situation and that it was impossible for her to be with Kerr again.

"It's good that you know it. I haven't settled accounts with Kerr yet. And the lawsuit against Daniel hasn't been over yet. You should know that if it weren't for me, Kerr would have made Daniel disappear in this word a long time ago.

That's what your beloved man did."

There was obvious irony in Moore's words.

He knew that Sunny stayed here because of Ron. He couldn't understand why both Sunny and Nicole loved Kerr so much.

Thinking of this, Moore got angry.

He glanced at his assistant.

With the hint of Moore, the assistant walked to Sunny and took Ron from her arms.

"What are you doing? Where are you taking Ron?" Sunny questioned Moore, with obvious anxiety in her eyes. Although Ron was not Kerr's child, he was Sunny's biological son.

She couldn't let Ron get hurt.

When she was about to step forward, her wrist was held by Moore beside her.

Moore stood up with a sly smile at the corners of his mouth. He looked at Sunny with obvious possessiveness in his eyes. He stretched out his arms and picked up Sunny. Then, he walked upstairs to the bedroom.

"Moore, what do you want to do?" With a frightened look on her face, Sunny questioned Moore, but she had a guess in her heart. Since the He Group had been bankrupt b

ld not completely collapse because of the bankruptcy of the Gu Group...

He felt relaxed, as if most of the pain on his body had healed.

"I don't know what you are talking about. The Gu Group has become the past forever. Haven't you received the news that the Gu Group has gone bankrupt?" Kerr didn't think the KN Group had anything to do with the Gu family.

The reason why he did so was that he didn't want the new company to have anything to do with the Gu family.

Now it was impossible for the Gu family to meddle in the KN Group.

"I've seen the news conference. The KN Group is the Gu Group." In his opinion, although Kerr had given up the Gu Group and establish a new one, it meant that he would go back to the Gu family.

After all, they were still family.

"I think you made a mistake. The KN Group belongs to me. It has nothing to do with the KN Group. It's my personal property and has nothing to do with the Gu family."

Kerr said resolutely. He didn't want to give Jack any hope, lest it would cause unnecessary trouble in the future.

"What did you say?" Jack thought he had misheard. He frowned and looked at Kelvin.

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