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   Chapter 375 It Doesn't Matter

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All of a sudden, people present felt that the atmosphere was heavily and awkward and temperature in the hall seen to had dropped by several degrees.

Jared frowned and looked at the reporter. He didn't expect that the reporter would ask such a brash question. Then Jared directly answered the reporter's question before Kerr opened his mouth.

"Today, Mr. Kerr is holding a press conference here to share the good news about the KN Group. I hope you can give us more support.

As for anything that has nothing to do with the KN Group, Mr. Kerr will not answer." Jared distracted the reporters.

Hearing Jared's words, everyone knew that Kerr deliberately avoided this sensitive question. After all, no matter whether Kerr admitted that he was a member of the Gu family or not, it couldn't be decided by Kerr alone.

Holding Nicole's hand, Kerr looked at the reporter off the stage with a deep look in his eyes. He didn't say anything because there was no final answer to this matter.

When he officially reached an agreement with Jack, he would give Nicole an explanation.

"Mr. Kerr, is this beautiful lady standing next to your wife? It seems that Mr. Kerr has never announced her identity to the public. Does it have any special meaning for the establishment of the KN Group this time?"

A female reporter stood up and asked Kerr. Everyone present could see that Kerr loved Nicole so much. And they knew that it wasn't an act.

This was the true love that could be shown involuntarily.

Hearing the reporter's words, Nicole looked at Kerr with a gentle smile, waiting for his answer. In the eyes of others, Nicole was the perfect image of a gentle and lovely wife.

"Yes, her name is Nicole, and she also has another identity, my dear wife. It's the luckiest thing in my life to have her. The

also cause the conflict between Moore and Kerr.

Moore took a deep breath and calmed down a little. "You are right. It seems that Kerr doesn't care about anything about the Gu Group, but he is secretly purchasing the Gu Group.

Compared with Jack, Kerr is much more cunning. In this way, the Gu Group will change into a new company. All the evidences I have is worthless now."

Moore didn't expect that Kerr would set him up.

He had planned to take advantage of the scandal of the Gu family to make the them collapse completely, but now it seemed that he had to give it further thought.

After all, Kerr was not easy to deal with, so Moore had to be on guard.

"Ah!" Ron suddenly burst into tears. Sitting next to Moore, Sunny didn't react until she heard Ron's cry. She immediately lowered her head and coaxed Ron in her arms.

Hearing Ron's cry, Moore turned around and took a look at Sunny, who was obviously a little clumsy. "You'd better know your identity. Only by taking good care of Ron can you have a safe place to live.

I hate betrayal the most. You'd better give up on Kerr as soon as possible. Don't blame me for not warning you!" Moore knew that Sunny still couldn't forget Kerr.

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