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   Chapter 374 Business Empire

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 6039

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But so far, the bankruptcy of the Gu Group had become a foregone conclusion, and no one could change it.

Maybe that was the fate of the Gu Group.

And Kelvin could only comfort Jack in this way.

Hearing that, Jack was silent and didn't know how to deal with it. He had tried all the ways he could think of, and even pretended to be seriously ill and begged Kerr to come back, but he still didn't get the result he wanted.

Jack didn't know what was on Kerr's mind. In other words, he felt that he had never known Kerr before.

The car drove to the gate of the banquet hall. Kerr took Nicole out of the car and stood at the gate.

The reporters surrounding the entrance of the banquet hall immediately rushed towards Kerr and Nicole when they spot the two of them, and the flashlight was aimed at them immediately.

Nicole put her arm in the crook of Kerr's arm and stood gracefully beside him with a smile on her face.

"Mr. Kerr, what do you think of the bankruptcy of the Gu Group? Is it true that the Gu Group has lost its former brilliance now?"

"Mr. Kerr, what is the cause of the bankruptcy of the Gu Group? Such a big commercial empire collapsed overnight. Is there any secret behind it?"

"Mr. Kerr, please give us a brief explanation!" The reporters all held the microphones in their hands to Kerr, waiting for his answer.

But Kerr just smiled at Nicole beside him and didn't pay attention to the reporters at all.

For Kerr, only Nicole deserved his attention.

"Excuse me, please. Mr. Kerr will answer your questions in the press conference." Jared walked up and blocked the reporters for Kerr and Nicole.

Then, under the protection of the security guards, Kerr and Nicole entered the banquet hall safely.

Looking at the banquet was ready, Kerr walked

n the new KN Group and the old Gu Group? Is it also a family business of the Gu family?"

In the eyes of outsiders, the KN Group seemed to be the old Gu Group dressed up as something new. They thought that in fact, there was no essential difference between the two companies.

Kerr turned his face and looked at the reporters. The tenderness in his eyes disappeared in an instant and turned into coldness directly. From beginning to end, his tenderness only belonged to Nicole.

"The KN Group has nothing to do with the Gu Group. I'm Kerr, but I have nothing to do with the Gu family." Kerr said resolutely.

In the past, no matter how Jack threatened Kerr with his identity as a member of the Gu family, Jack just threatened him in private with mere words and didn't take any action.

But Kerr was different. As long as he made a decision, no one could change it.

He didn't want the Gu family to give Nicole any more grievances, so his protection for her was to make a clean break with the Gu family. Anyway, Kerr had never felt a little proud of himself as a member of the Gu family.

"Mr. Kerr, do you mean that you have cut off your relations with the Gu family?" The reporter asked.

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