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   Chapter 367 In A Dilemma

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Because that would only make Nicole suffer more grievances.

Kerr didn't want her to be wronged.

In his heart, as long as Nicole was happy and Kerr was willing to trade everything for it, Gu Group was nothing.

"Kerr, you only care about Nicole now. Do you know that if someone threatens you with her one day, you will be in a passive position?"

This was also the reason why Jack had been against Kerr and Nicole being together. As a real leader, they should not expose any of their weakness.

Before Kerr knew Nicole, he had become the best leader. But after Nicole appeared, everything had changed. Jack really regretted not getting rid of this hidden trouble before Nicole appeared.

It was too late to make a move now.

"I know, but I will never give anyone such a chance. I know how to protect my woman." Kerr's brows were relaxed. Fortunately, Jack was not in the mood to plot against Nicole now.

Kerr took a step back and changed the topic. "I'm not here to discuss Nicole with you. Health is the most important thing for you now."

Kerr didn't know what else to say.

"I'm here because of your healthy conditions. That's all."

Kerr didn't want to have a so-called dispute with Jack because of what he had decided.

Looking at Kerr's firm look, Jack kept silent and his face gradually turned cold. "Have you thought it over? You should know that even if the Gu Group is in danger now, it is more potential than other companies.

No one knows the Gu Group better than you. You must have a solution to those problems."

Jack didn't directly admit that Moore was the troublemaker of the Gu Group. After all, it was Jack who had helped Moore.

"If you are fine, I will go back first.

have known the situation of the Gu Group. In fact, even if you don't tell me, I also know that you have been paying attention to the development of the Gu Group. In that case, why don't you return to the Gu Group?

Do you also want to see the Gu Group and the Gu family being destroyed like Moore?"

It was the first time that Kelvin questioned Kerr in this way, because he didn't want Kerr to really abandon the Gu family. No matter what had happened before, it was the internal conflict of the Gu family, and no outsider should get involved.

Hearing what Kelvin said, Jack looked at Kerr with expectation.

As long as Kerr was still concerned about the Gu Group, it was hopeful for Jack.

"As I said, the Gu Group has nothing to do with me."

Kerr noticed Jack's physical condition, but he didn't want to go back to the Gu Group at all.

"In fact, I'm not that powerful as you think. The Gu Group is in danger now, and I can't save it by myself. Even if I return to the Gu Group, it will be useless.

If I were you, I should be prepared for the worst. By then, you will understand that these things are really not that important."

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