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   Chapter 362 Just Give Up

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This time, even if Nicole asked, Kerr would not compromise. Moreover, according to Kerr's estimation, the Gu Group could not hold on for a few days. It was meaningless whether he could go back or not.

Hearing Kerr's straightforward refusal, Nicole looked helpless. She reached out her hand and hugged him. She knew that Kerr was softhearted. No matter what she wanted him to do, as long as she said it, Kerr would eventually compromise.

"Actually, it's not that I want you to compromise to the Gu family, nor that I want you to leave me and our child. You know that it's all caused by Moore. He's not a member of the Gu family. Do you really want him to succeed?"

As long as Nicole thought of the arrogant look of Moore, she couldn't help getting angry.

"Do you remember that you almost had an accident last time? Didn't you always suspect that Moore was the person behind it? We just haven't got the evidence."

Kerr turned his eyes from the window to Nicole and said, "I didn't expect you to bear grudges."

All these things were kept in Kerr's mind. He never intended to let go of Moore.

But he would not return to the Gu Group.

Sitting next to Kerr, Nicole smiled, "If Moore just wants to set me up, I may not mind. But if he wants to hurt you, I will remember it clearly."

This was how she loved Kerr. Even if she was weak, she would support Kerr silently.

He kissed on her forehead and said, "Don't worry. I'll make Moore pay for it. I've never forgotten it, but I won't go back to the Gu Group.

Nicole, you'd better give up on this matter. It's absolutely impossible."

Kerr directly refused. Even though he knew that Nicole did it for his own good, he didn't want to do it in this way. After all, the Gu family h

should have belonged to Kerr. Now the Gu Group is in danger because of you. Do you know how the Gu family criticized Kerr behind his back?"

Freya's voice came out of the laptop.

Hearing Freya's words, Nicole was stunned. She didn't understand why their conversation would appear in Jay's computer.

"Let me tell you, Nicole, sooner or later, Kerr will regret for choosing you. If you do so, Moore's scheme will only succeed. You should know the relationship between Kerr and Moore, they are just like fire and water.

If Moore really gets the whole Gu Group, is it not a threat to Kerr at all? Nicole, think it over. You should know that Moore would be a hidden danger in the future.

Do you really think Moore will let it go even if the Gu family doesn't make things difficult for him?"

Hearing Freya's words and thinking of what Nicole said to him just now, Kerr understood what had happened.

"Is this the reason why you want me to go back to the Gu Group?"

Kerr held Nicole's hand tightly, "Why didn't you inform me in the first place? Why should I listen to these meaningless words from her alone?"

In his eyes, these words were worthless.

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