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   Chapter 360 The Baby Was Taken Away

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They didn't expect that Jack would react like this. Although they worked for Kerr, they didn't dare to say anything against Jack.

Looking at the two people, Nicole frowned, "You mean that Lucas was taken away by Jack?"

She knew that if Jack really wanted to take the child away, it was impossible for Harley and Harrow to do anything about it.

Harrow nodded helplessly.

"Where are they?"

Nicole pulled a long face. No matter what Jack wanted, she wouldn't let him take Lucas away from her. Nicole thought that Jack would do something to Jay.

She didn't expect that Lucas was also his target.

In the face of the child, Nicole would never compromise.

Looking at the firm look of Nicole, Harley did not feel surprised at all. He could only sigh, "I'll take you there." Taking a look at Baron, who was standing behind Nicole, Harley was obviously stunned.

But he didn't have time to ask more, he took Nicole to Jack's room.

Obviously, Nicole looked worried and flustered. She had lost Lucas once and could never let it happen again. She was afraid that the Gu family would send Lucas to somewhere else.

Maybe Nicole would never find Lucas since he was so little.

Thinking of this, Nicole felt terrible.

She couldn't help but stagger.

"Watch out! Don't worry. He just took the baby away. It shouldn't be a problem." Baron reached out his hand to hold Nicole, nodded to her and comforted her.

Then Baron followed behind Baron. Seeing that she was anxious about Kerr's child, he felt sad. Perhaps from the very beginning, he could only protect Nicole as a knight.

When Harley arrived at the door of Jack's ward, he stopped.

Feeling strange, Nicole took a closer look and saw that the do


Before she turned her head, she felt her right hand was held by a warm palm.

Nicole turned her face and looked into Kerr's gentle eyes.

"Why don't you wait for me?"

Kerr was in the company and received a call from Harley. But as soon as Harley hung up the phone, Nicole arrived at the hospital, so she came here a little faster than Kerr.

"I thought you didn't know." The moment she saw Kerr, she felt at ease. It seemed that no matter what kind of problem she encountered, as long as this man beside her was there, she was not afraid of anything.

Baron's eyes dimmed when he saw Nicole's lovable face, but he quietly took a step back to make room for this loving couple.

"If you have anything to say, just come in and say it openly. When did I teach you to do such an impolite thing?"

There was obvious displeasure in Jack's tone when he heard Kerr's voice.

In his opinion, Kerr had changed a lot since he met Nicole. Jack didn't like those changes at all and it ruined his plan, so he pin all the blame on Nicole.

Kelvin walked to the door and looked at Kerr and Nicole. He nodded to Nicole and held Lucas in his arms.

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