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   Chapter 359 As Long As You Are Happy

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But every time Baron could only stand in the distance and peek at Nicole. He had never been noticed by her. It seemed that he had been used to hiding in the corner.

Nicole nodded, "I gave birth to another boy. You haven't seen him yet." When Jay was born, Baron accompanied her.

But now, she felt that there was a sense of distance between them.

No matter how good friends were, they would unconsciously alienate each other since there was no news of each other for a long time. Thinking of Maggie's death, Nicole only felt sorry, and she had never had the chance to face Baron.

"Really? That's good. If there is a chance, let me see him one day. You look good."

Every time Baron stood in the distance, he could see Nicole snuggling up to Kerr with shyness and happiness on her face. He knew that Nicole was very happy now.

Maybe only in this way could he rest assured.

"Thank you, Baron. In fact, I still owe you an apology. I didn't do anything wrong, but I didn't expect such a result."

Her heart was full of pity. After all, she really wanted to treat Baron as a friend and see him happy.

Baron shook his head and said, "Nicole, it's all fate. In fact, the responsibility for this matter is on me, and it has nothing to do with you. You don't have to blame yourself. It's not what we can expect."

He accepted it very frankly, but after Maggie's death, the Chen family did not let go of Baron so easily. Fortunately, he took all the blame for himself, and in the end, Nicole was not involved.

Nicole looked at him and found that he was still as gentle as before. But after careful observation, she could tell that he looked a little mature.

But only Nicole knew that it was because he had been through a rough patch.


She wan

and didn't see Lucas.

She couldn't help frowning. Recently, it was Harrow who had been taking care of Lucas. Harrow had never made any mistake, and Nicole had already trusted her very much.

"Nicole, listen to me. Don't worry. Lucas is fine."

Harley walked up to Nicole and comforted her, as if he was worried that she would be angry.

But when Nicole saw the nervous look on Harley's face, she became more anxious. She couldn't help but become serious. "Where is Lucas? What happened?"

She could compromise in everything, but there was one thing that she couldn't make any concessions, which was related to Lucas and Jay. As a mother, she would never let anyone hurt her child.

As long as she thought that Lucas and Jay would be hurt, she felt as if her heart was stabbed by a thorn, and every breath would be painful.

"Don't be nervous. Lucas is fine. He is in the hospital, but..."

Looking at Harrow behind her, Harley hesitated.

With a sigh, Harrow walked up to Nicole and said lightly, "Here's the thing. I took Lucas to do the examination, and everything was fine. But I didn't expect to meet Mr. Jack walking in the garden.

The moment he saw Lucas..."

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