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   Chapter 358 A False Charge

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Seeing the shrewdness in Nicole's eyes, Freya knew that her guess was right.

Hearing what Freya said, Nicole really felt that maybe she shouldn't have been here today. Kerr was right. It was a waste of time to be with the Gu family.

Nicole shook her head and said, "Mrs. Freya, if you really think so, I have no choice. In your eyes, I have always been greedy for the property of the Gu family. No matter how I explain, it won't change your opinion of me."

She didn't want to waste time on meaningless things here. She stood up and was about to leave.

"Mrs. Freya, Kerr is not interested in the assets of the Gu Group, and I am either. If there is nothing important in the future, I don't want these things to disturb our lives again.

I will try my best to give Kerr the happiness he wants."

After saying that, she turned around and walked towards the door. However, just two steps, she was stopped by Cherry, who had been standing beside Freya.

Nicole looked at Cherry and frowned.

"You want to leave before I finish my words? You are rude." There was obvious disdain in Freya's tone.

She always thought that Nicole was just a woman from a humble family. Nicole had no background and poor education. She didn't deserve to be in the Gu family.

Now it seemed that what she thought was right. Freya doubted very much why Kerr refused so many women and only wanted Nicole, perhaps it was because of her tricks.

Knowing that Freya wouldn't let her go so easily, Nicole didn't leave in a hurry. She turned around and sat opposite Freya, looking at her helplessly.

"Mrs. Freya, if you have anything to say, just say it as soon as possible. Although we can't end our conversation in a pleasant way according to the past. I know you won't give up if you didn't finish you words.

But I hope you can say it qu

ted expression in her eyes.

She was weighing Freya's words. In fact, some of her words made senses. Even if Nicole and Kerr didn't want everything of the Gu family, they couldn't let the Gu Group fall into the hands of Moore.

Nicole knew better than anyone else about Moore's ambition and ruthless. If she couldn't solve the problem for Kerr, she had to remind him not to cause more trouble.

"In fact, there are many things are not as complicated as you thinks."

A gentle voice came from behind.

Hearing the voice she hadn't heard for a long time, a figure flashed through her mind, with obvious surprise in her eyes. She suddenly turned around and looked at Baron who was standing at the door.

The corners of Nicole's mouth rose slightly. "Long time no see, Baron."

When Maggie had an accident last time, Nicole wanted to see Baron, but Kerr didn't allow her to do so because of her physical condition. After so many things happened, Nicole ignored Baron.

Now seeing Baron again, Nicole only felt a long lost warmth.

"Long time no see, Nicole. How are you doing?" With a gentle face, Baron walked to the opposite of Nicole and sat down, with a faint smile on his face.

He missed her very much.

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