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   Chapter 356 You Are The Most Important People

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However, Freya could do nothing but watch Kerr leave her sight.

After entering the room, Kerr closed the bedroom door and looked into Nicole's calm eyes, which made Kerr feel at ease.

Nicole looked at the darkness on Kerr's face, which had not yet faded away, and became gentle the moment he saw her. She felt very sorry for Kerr from the bottom of her heart.

She opened her mouth and was about to say something when she heard Kerr's voice.

"Nicole, you don't have to persuade me. I know what I'm doing. I've given them a chance. This won't be a second time. I know what you are thinking, but for me, the most important person is you.

I won't blame them, but I can't forgive them either."

Kerr looked into her eyes and knew that Nicole had more or less heard his conversation with Freya. But this time, he hoped that Nicole could stand by his side.

"I understand." Nicole stood up and walked to Kerr. She put her arms around his waist and pressed her face against his chest.

"I didn't mean to persuade you. No matter what decision you make, I will respect your choice and stay by your side all the time. From now on, you will be the support of Jay, Lucas and me."

Nicole didn't want to make things difficult for Kerr anymore. After all, the Gu family had gone too far. Only she knew that she was not a saint, and she wouldn't force Kerr to be one.

Everything in the world had a cause.

All she wanted to do was to stay with Kerr. Besides this, she didn't want anything else.

Hearing Nicole's words, Kerr felt a little comforted.

Holding her tightly in his arms, Kerr lowered his head and kissed her red lips. Then he held her up and walked towards the huge bed.


Nicole felt Kerr's anxious action.


She could even imagine how Nicole pestered Kerr all the time. In her opinion, Kerr wouldn't have left the Gu Group if Nicole hadn't appeared.

And he would not have any conflict with the Gu family, so that the Gu Group would not end up like this.

Hearing Freya's voice, Nicole looked helpless, but she couldn't directly hang up on Freya. "Mrs. Freya, what can I do for you?

If you want to speak to Kerr, I'm sorry. He's busy now and isn't at home. You can call his personal cell phone."

There was obvious politeness in Nicole's tone. She knew that Freya called mostly to persuade Kerr to return to the Gu Group.

"I'm not looking for Kerr. I'm looking for you. An hour later, you'd better show up in the cafe under the Gu Group on time. I don't like people who didn't have a sense of time. And you come alone. Don't tell Kerr."

There was obvious threats in Freya's tone. Then she hung up the phone directly.

Looking at the phone in her hand that had been hung up, Nicole had a puzzled look on her face. After a long time, she realized that Freya wanted to see her, but she could not figure out the reason why Freya would want to meet her.

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