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   Chapter 352 Ungrateful Man

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Nicole held Kerr's hand and asked, "What happened?"

Kerr kept silent, as if he was in a stalemate with Kelvin.

"Are you going to let go of Moore?" Nicole guessed as she knew Kerr well.

She hadn't seen Kerr so angry, but Moore had been challenging Kerr's bottom line. She knew clearly that Kerr's endurance had reached a limit.

Kerr didn't say anything, but the expression on his face showed everything.

"Sir!" Kelvin was worried. "Mr. Jack's situation is not good now, and Moore has something on the Gu Group. If it is exposed by Moore, the Gu Group will really be over."

Kelvin knew that Jack had an inescapable responsibility for Gu Group's current situation, and Kerr should not bear the consequences. But the cruel reality was in front of him, and Kelvin had no choice.

"The Gu Group has long been an empty shell, and only he is unwilling to admit it." Kerr said indifferently. His relationship with Jack had been cut off.

He wouldn't let go of Moore for the sake of Jack, because the harm he brought to Nicole had become a worry in Kerr's heart.

"Sir, Mr. Harley said that Mr. Jack doesn't have much time left. No matter what, you can't let him see his whole life's painstaking efforts destroyed."

At this point, Kelvin had to try his best to persuade Kerr.

Looking at the worried look on Kelvin's face, Nicole knew that Jack was indeed in a bad condition. She held Kerr's arm and looked up at his serious expression.

"Kerr, we still have a long time. There are still many chances in the future. I'm not in a hurry at this moment. I know that even if you let go of Moore today, you can find him again in the future."

Although she didn't want to please Jack, she didn't want Kerr to be unfilial.

"It's time for us to go back and

in, I really don't understand. It's my father who asked me to take charge of the Gu Group, but everyone has his own way of management. I'm just using my rules to manage the Gu Group.

But thank you so much, Uncle Kelvin. Without you, I might really be in danger today."

Moore said frivolously. Then he turned around, started the car and left.

The farce finally ended and an eerie silence fell upon the scene, but Kelvin knew that it wouldn't last long.

Feeling that the car had driven for a long distance, Nicole slowly opened her eyes and looked at the nervous expression of Kerr with a slight smile at the corners of her mouth. "Don't worry. I feel much better. It doesn't hurt so much."

Although she said so, she clearly felt that Kerr's face did not soften a little because of her words, and turned even worse.

"Where does it hurt? We will arrive at the hospital soon."

Kerr glanced at Nicole lightly and then looked ahead.

"Are you angry?" Nicole raised her head from Kerr's arms and looked at him carefully. She knew she was in the wrong, so she felt guilty instinctively.

Kerr didn't say anything. Since he had been with Nicole for such a long time...

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