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   Chapter 350 Don't Fall Into His Trap

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Kerr's eyes directly locked on Moore's face. He clearly saw the complacency of Moore, and he also understood what Moore meant. The most important woman in Kerr's life was Nicole.

But he knew that it was impossible that Nicole would fall into the hands of Moore.

"Moore, struggle to the death will only make you lose more miserably. Don't think that no one knows what you have done."

Kerr warned Moore. Although he had left the Gu Group, he knew what was going on in the company every day.

During this period of time, Moore had done a lot of terrible things, and it was obvious that Jack had known it, but he could do nothing to Moore. Now, Jack's power had been gradually deprived by Moore.

So Moore was different from what he looked like a month ago.

"Of course I know that I can't hide those things from you, or I have never thought of hiding it from you. The Gu Group has achieved such a great development today, and Mr. Kerr has made great contributions, haven't you?"

Moore had thought that Kerr would stand out to stop him, but he didn't expect that Kerr was also trying to win over the clients of the Gu Group. Compared with his transfer of assets, Kerr's plan was more thorough and smart.

"In fact, I really admire you. You even didn't let go of the company you have been working for. It seems that you are better than I'm!"

There was obvious irony in Moore's words, which implied that Kerr caused damage to the Gu family.


Before Kerr could say anything, he heard Nicole's voice coming from behind. Even though Kerr didn't turn around, he could feel that Nicole was approaching. He naturally stretched out his arm and held her waist.

"Why are you her

oked at Sunny, although she knew that Sunny didn't deserve sympathy...

But when she saw a woman acting crazily in front of her, she just felt sad.

Letting go of Kerr's hand, Nicole walked towards Sunny.

"Don't get close to her!"

Kerr grabbed Nicole's wrist and stopped her. Now Sunny had lost her mind. Kerr wouldn't give Sunny the chance to hurt Nicole.

Nicole knew what Kerr was worried about, so she didn't insist but looked at Sunny.

"In fact, sometimes, when you love someone, he would not love you back. It's happy if you can fall in love with the one you love. If you can't, you can be a better version of yourself.

As long as you cherish yourself, you will be cherished. You have to bear the consequences of what you have done."

She wouldn't forget that Sunny had put all the blame for the bankruptcy of the Ning Group on Kerr. If she really believed in the forged evidence at that time...

Maybe she and Kerr would never be together again.

"Who are you? It's you who seduced Kerr. He doesn't want me. You bitch, I won't let you go. You ruined all my happiness. You will definitely be punished."

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