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   Chapter 349 Play Dumb

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He tried to persuade Sunny, not wanting to see Sunny continue to be stubborn.

But he also knew Sunny's personality. His persuasion was useless.

As expected, when Sunny heard Edward's words, her face darkened. "Edward, do you also want to betray me?

I have nothing now. The He family is gone. I don't want to be with that freak Moore. I'm destined to be the wife of Kerr. I've made up my mind that as long as Nicole is not with Kerr...

Kerr will accept me. I'm Mrs. Kerr by then and no one can bully us anymore."

Sunny was immersed in her own fantasy.

She never gave up the dream of being Kerr's wife.

Hearing Sunny's words, Edward braked the car and stopped it at the same place. "Miss, the Gu family has been looking for our traces. No matter what, in fact, what Moore said is right.

The only person we can rely on now is Moore."

Compared with Sunny's irrational behavior, Edward was obviously more sober than Sunny.

"Hurry up. I don't care what you are going to do. I just want to get Kerr. He is mine and I am his wife."

Pointing at the front, Sunny accused him hysterically.

"Miss Sunny!"

Edward turned around and faced Sunny. He realized that Sunny was emotional and wanted to comfort her, but he only saw Sunny holding her head with her hands.

"No, I don't want to listen to you. I don't know anything. All I know is that I want Kerr. Help me, Edward!"

Sunny held out her hand and begged.

"Miss... You!"

Before he could finish his words, a car light flashed in front of him.

The sudden strong light made Edward and Sunny unable to open their eyes.

But Kerr, sitting in the opposite car, saw the two people in front of him clearly.

Kerr's face was cold. He didn't expect

But Kim, who was standing next to Kerr, sensed the killing intent in Kerr's tone.

He knew Kerr well and knew that Kerr didn't intend to let go of any of them this time.

"Isn't it too cruel for you to say that, Mr. Kerr? Anyway, Sunny is your fiancee and she loves you so much. Don't you have any feelings for her?"

Moore got out of the white Porsche behind, followed by several men in black suits.

With the previous lesson, Moore had learned his lesson and be smart. He knew that he was no match for Kerr, so Moore had made some preparations before he came. He would not let himself suffer any loss.

Now Kerr was no longer a member of the Gu family, and Moore didn't have to consider Jack's opinion.

"Moore, how dare you show up again? It seems that we can settle accounts today."

Kerr was a little surprised that Moore dared to show up in front of him.

He had never let go of Moore.

"Settle accounts? Of course! But since you want to settle accounts with me, how can you miss the most important woman in your life, Mr. Kerr?"

The corners of Moore's mouth rose slightly, with confidence. There was a deep meaning in his words.

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