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   Chapter 348 Give Him A Chance

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Moore said those words arrogantly.

He was well aware that since Jack was using him as a tool to threaten Kerr, Jack would definitely protect him well.

"It seems that you have figured out a way to fight back. Tell me where you are and I'll come to you right now." Jeremy just couldn't wait to see the embarrassed look on Kerr's face.

Nicole and Kerr had already given him too much trouble since he decided to transfer his business from the international market to the domestic one. Jeremy had been holding back his anger for a while, and now, he finally had a chance to strike back.

"You can just come to the Gu Group to find me."

After saying that, Moore hung up the phone at once, leaving no chance for Jeremy to question him further.

"Kerr, it's not that I want to oppose you this time. It's just that you have too many enemies. Even Jack is unwilling to help you. It's so pathetic." Moore should be glad that Kerr didn't grow up as Jack had expected.

This was the only way he could get a chance to defeat him.

Just an hour after he put the phone down, Jeremy appeared in Moore's office, which used to be Kerr's.

"It seems that you really have this position now." Jeremy could clearly recall the last time he came here. Back then, Kerr looked so domineering. He did not expect that things would turn around just like that.

Last time, he left here in such a mess. This time, he wanted to avenge himself more than anything.

"The whole Gu Group belongs to me now. The old man and Kerr have completely fallen out with each other. This is a chance given to me by God, and if I don't make the most out of it, God will punish me for sure."

For Moore, this whole ordeal was a happy surprise.

After his identity was exposed, he thought that he wouldn't have a shot at getting all of this, but he didn't expect that there would be a turning point.

"You got the shares of the Gu Group?" Moore's words drew in Jeremy's interest. H

nth, Kerr became very busy. He had taken over almost all of the projects of the Gu Group.

He was so busy that he didn't even have much time to spend with Nicole, which made him feel very guilty.

One night, it was already eight o'clock in the evening when Kerr finally left the office.

"Mr. Gu, there is a dinner party tonight."

Jared followed Kerr everywhere, so he didn't have time to have good rest either. Fortunately, however, all of their efforts paid off.

"Cancel it. You can go home and have a rest now,"

Kerr said to Jared indifferently as he walked out of the building and took the key from Jared's hand.

Looking at the light in Kerr's eyes, Jared knew exactly what he meant. He nodded and smiled.

As Kerr was driving back to his villa, a black car quietly followed Kerr's car.

"Miss, shall we continue following the car?"

Edward asked Sunny who was siting in the back seat. Twenty days ago, Sunny left the Gu family's old house with Moore's help. She had been hiding her whereabouts since then.

"Follow him,"

Sunny said stubbornly.

After hesitating for a while, Edward gradually slowed down the car and looked at Sunny in the rear view mirror, pity plain in his eyes.

"Miss, you know very well that Mr. Kerr Gu... He didn't plan to let us go at all."

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