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   Chapter 346 Hidden Danger

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Kerr kept silent. He focused on changing Lucas' diaper. After securing it, he held the young baby in his arms and began rocking him to sleep. When the baby reached the point of slumber, he laid Lucas back on the crib.

He reached out to his beautiful wife and held her in a warm embrace.

"It's nothing. You don't have to worry about it." Kerr continued, trying to comfort Nicole, "Wouldn't it be better if I stayed home with you?

You know, I really wished that I wasn't born as a member of the Gu family. If that were the case, I could've given you a life free from complications, away from prejudice. I don't care about what the Gu family represents, and I want you to remember that, because it's not who I am."

His outspoken revelation were the thoughts of his own heart.

Nicole wanted to ask further, but looking at her husband's eyes, she decided not to delve into it any further. She didn't want to make him feel more upset.

In the Gu family's hospital

As he stood by Jack's bedside, Kelvin felt the elder Gu's anger radiating. He was well aware that this was brought about by Kerr, and therefore he could do nothing about it.

"My Lord, Master Kerr is a man of sense. He knows very well what to do and what not to do." In an attempt to comfort the bedridden man, he tried to help him see reason. He tried to prevent the relationship of Jack and Kerr to get more and more complicated.

Jack looked up at Kelvin with a complicated expression in his eyes, "Bring Moore here." Jack still couldn't find his missing son.

Unfortunately, he had no other choice given the time constraint. He couldn't look for his missing son, so his only other choice was to use Moore as a pawn again.

As the words fell from Jack's mouth, Kelvin couldn't contain the shocked expression on his face. "My Lord, please, think this through. This matter could go beyond your control. Moore hasn't changed, and we've been made aware of how far he's willing to go.

Once you set him free, he could wreak havoc and the consequences could possibly be unimaginable." There was obvious worry in Kelvin's tone.

But Jack dismissed it. He assumed to know the power that Moore held.

. In his eyes, he did nothing out of place.

Following behind Kelvin, Moore walked into the hospital with a strange look in his eyes. It was not until he saw the tired look on Jack's face that he realized why Jack suddenly decided to make a will.

"Don't look too surprised. I won't die for the time being. I can forgive what you have done in the past, but I want you to do one thing. If you can fulfill it, you won't be disappointed.

Although I won't let you inherit the shares of the Gu Group, I would be willing to reward you handsomely,"

Jack offered. For him, Moore was more suitable to be a puppet.

"What do you want me to do?"

In fact, Moore was full of disdain. Everyone knew that the Gu Group was a cash cows. Except for the Gu Group, everything else was worthless in Moore's eyes.

"Don't you want to work in the Gu Group? I'll give you the chance," Jack said lightly. As expected, he saw the light in Moore's eyes as soon as he said it.

"Conditions?" Moore didn't know the reason, but it was a great temptation for him. He looked at Jack with greedy eyes.

"You'll know soon." Jack's voice became weak. Perhaps it was because he had just lost his temper just now, or because of the change of his health condition, he felt that he was too feeble to move.

Looking at Jack's face, Moore was very proud. The world was full of uncertainty, but people would age one day. Moore knew that Jack could not hold on for long.

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