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   Chapter 345 Desire To Control

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Kerr had been out of his control.

This was the biggest mistake of Jack, but he would not allow it to happen again.

So this time, no matter what happened, he had to keep Jay by his side.

"Think it over before you answer me. And don't forget that I haven't made my will public. Even if you are both children of the Gu family, the shares you get are up to me."

Jack threatened Kerr.

"That child deserves the best training."

Hearing Jack's words, Kerr smiled ironically.

"What do you want? When I was a child, it was impossible to control me. When I knew it was dead end, you want to control Jay. You know clearly what Moore has done.

Now that I have asked you, no matter what, I will find him."

Kerr turned around and didn't want to have any pointless argument with Jack.

"If I were you, I would take good care of myself. After all, in this world, no matter what you want, you have to have good health."

After saying that, Kerr walked towards the door.

Looking at Kerr's back, Jack gradually relaxed his eyebrows.

"Are you willing to exchange your identity as the CEO of the Gu Group for your present life? Don't forget that everything you have now come from the Gu family.

I know you have your own plan, but only you know what will happen to you if you lose your identity as a member of the Gu family."

Once upon a time, Kerr also left the Gu Group. During that period, he was restricted in the city. In order to protect the safety of Nicole and the baby in her belly, Kerr left here with Nicole.

But now, Nicole had just given birth to the baby. It was not easy for her to leave here again.

"Gu family? For you, something very important may not be worth a penny for me. I know what is more im

n his arms. Kerr hadn't really taken care of Lucas since he was born. Looking at Lucas who was crying in his arms, Kerr felt at a loss for the first time.

"It's time to change diapers."

Nicole could tell it from Lucas's crying.

When she was about to untie Lucas's clothes, Kerr stopped her.

"Let me do it." Kerr put Lucas on the bed and seriously unbuttoned his clothes.

"Can you?" Nicole knew that Kerr wanted to help her share the burden. Her heart was full of gratitude and her eyes were warm.

She knew that Kerr's love was enough.

"You can teach me."

With a serious look on his face, Kerr didn't seem to be joking at all.

"Are you sure you want to learn? The president of the Gu Group wants to be a super daddy?"

Nicole joked with Kerr and guided him carefully.

"Why not?"

Kerr didn't think it was a shameful thing. He had witnessed all the hardships when Nicole was pregnant. He had said that he would make it up to her.

Now it was a good chance.

Nicole was obviously stunned, "Kerr, are you serious? Something happened to the Gu Group again?"

Thinking of this possibility, Nicole's heartbeat quickened again.

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