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   Chapter 344 Sudden Change In The Illness

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Hearing Harrow's words, Nicole turned around and nodded at her. She kept it in mind silently.

Nicole had to ask Kerr to handle this.

In the Gu's hospital.

When Kerr and Harley arrived at the hospital, Jack was out of danger.

"Sir, the doctor said that Mr. Jack is not in a good condition. We should pay more attention to him and he should not be too emotional, or it will be very dangerous."

It never occurred to Kelvin that Jack would be in such a dangerous situation.

Although he knew that Jack had a physical examination before, he did not see the results of the examination report. But every year, Jack's situation was very normal, so Kelvin did not think too much.

Kerr's eyes dimmed. In fact, only he knew about Jack's situation, but he could do nothing.

Taking Harley's case from the doctor, Harley glanced at Kerr beside her and understood why Kerr had asked him that question before.

"I'll go inside and have a look."

Harley raised his hand, patted Kerr on the shoulder and walked into the ward.

Kerr stood at the door and didn't have the courage to walk in.

Even though he didn't admit his relationship with Jack in his heart, he felt at a loss when he faced such an aged and powerless Jack.


Noticing Kerr's unusual behavior, Kelvin wanted to comfort him, but he didn't know what to say.

"Why did it happen?"

Kerr asked indifferently, but he had already had a guess in his heart. Not long after Freya left, Jack came to the hospital.

He knew that there must be a connection between the two things.

"Mrs. Freya didn't bring Jay and Lucas back after she came back, so Mr. Jack..."

When Kelvin said this, he was full of hesitation.

Sure enough, things unfolded as Kerr's

amily. As long as I am alive, they will stay in the Gu family.

They have to follow my arrangement. You can do whatever you want. I won't interfere anymore."

Jack thought that he had made a great concession. It was his bottom line to tolerate the existence of Nicole. If he couldn't control Kerr, he should also train the future heir of the Gu Group.

Although he only met Jay once last time, he liked the child very much in his heart. After asking Kelvin to investigate Jay's information.

He was more determined. After all, such a smart child had inherited the excellent genes of the Gu family. He would keep Jay in the Gu family.

"No way."

Kerr refused Jack without hesitation.

Everything was as he expected. Jack didn't change a single bit and Kerr didn't feel surprised.

But he had his bottom line.

Hearing Kerr's words, Jack was surprised. He frowned and looked at Kerr seriously.

When Jack knew that Kerr was silently enhancing his own power, he was not in a hurry to interfere with Kerr, because he wanted to test Kerr's ability.

But when Jack realized that Kerr was getting more and more powerful, it was too late to stop him.

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