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   Chapter 335 Charter Never Doubt Yourself

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Jack frowned, "Don't think that everyone is like you. Being a member of the Gu family will only bring honor to you. Kerr, don't be so ungrateful."

From the beginning to the end, Kerr hated his identity as a member of the Gu family very much.

Kerr cast a cold glance at Jack. When he was about to refute Jack, Nicole stopped him.

Nicole looked at Jack and said, "Mr. Jack, I know that because of my appearance, all your expectations for Kerr have been in vain. I have become an accident in Kerr's life.

You have been worried about me all the time. Because of me, Kerr will do something absurd and act rashly sometimes, so you don't like me. You even haven't accepted me from beginning to end. I can understand it.

Because of your prejudice against me, in fact, after I was with Kerr, I didn't ask Kerr to do anything unreasonable for me. All we did was to have the most ordinary happiness."

Nicole hoped to persuade Jack with the most sincere attitude. Even though she knew it was difficult, she was willing to have a try for the sake of Kerr.

Nicole smiled at Kerr beside her. She didn't think it was hard. After all, now with Jay and Lucas, she believed that she was very likely to be accepted by Jack.

Kerr held Nicole's hand tightly and felt a sense of warmth his heart. He understood her. Nicole was a person who would never compromise easily and yield. Now she was willing to tolerate the hurt caused by Jack because she loved him.

This woman was his choice and he would protect her for the rest of his life.

Hearing what Nicole said, Jack snorted, "He didn't do anything absurd? Isn't it too much to build a Ning Group for you with the power of the Gu family?

Ordinary happiness? Don't talk nonsense. You should know that from the moment w

see me all his life."

She said in a fit of pique.

She just didn't want to get married so soon. She didn't expect that he would disappear directly. How stingy he was?

"Since Nicole is fine now, I'll go back first. Please tell Nicole that I'll come to see her another day." Avery told Kerr and said goodbye to Jay. Then she turned around and left.

"When will uncle Zachary come back?" Jay didn't ask Kerr until he saw Avery disappear.

Kerr didn't say anything. He just looked at the baby lying in the pink crib and frowned. He had always thought that the baby would be Joyce, so the decoration in the baby room was in the girl's style.

Now it was a little weird for Lucas to lie inside.

"Make a new baby room for Lucas and keep this room." Somehow, Kerr felt that he would have a girl with Nicole one day.

Their little princess.

Seeing that he was ignored completely, Jay was a little dissatisfied. He stood in front of Kerr and said, "I haven't settled accounts with you yet. You didn't know that I'm your son before, didn't you?"

He could tell that when he appeared in the Gu family's house as Jay Gu today, there was a flash of surprise in Kerr's eyes.

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