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   Chapter 332 Gu Family Became A Joke

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Even Nicole couldn't help but raise her head to look at Kerr beside her, with inquiry in her eyes.

"Kim." Kerr said indifferently.

Kim nodded, turned around and walked towards the door.

Soon, he came back with a baby in his arms. It was Ron.

"Ah!" With tears on his face, Ron cried loudly as if he was complaining about his grievance.

Freya walked forward, took the child from the hand of Kim, and patiently coaxed Ron. Perhaps it was because she had always thought that Ron was Kerr's child, Freya couldn't accept the fact yet.

Nicole lowered her eyes and looked at Lucas who had just woken up in her arms. The environment around them had become so noisy, but he was in sound asleep before, and now he slowly opened his eyes.

Looking for the only light source.

Seeing the gentle eyes of Nicole, a bright smile appeared at the corners of Lucas's mouth. He stretched out his hand towards Nicole's face, as if trying to touch her.

"Mommy! Mommy, let me see if it's a little brother or a little sister." Jay walked to Nicole's side, full of curiosity about the baby in her arms.

Kerr helped Nicole sit back on the sofa. He was worried that Nicole would feel uncomfortable because of her action just now.

But now, all Nicole's attention was on the joy of finding Lucas, so she directly ignored her physical fatigue.

Jay looked at the baby in Nicole's arms, but when he looked at Lucas, the latter closed his eyes directly.

With a faint smile, Nicole said, "He might be tired and fall asleep." Nicole comforted Jay, fearing that he would be disappointed.

Sitting on the ground, Sunny kept her eyes on Ron, but she didn't dare to check on him, with obvious timidity in her eyes.

"Now everythin

eir hands to subdue Moore, and took both Moore and Sunny to the basement of the Gu family's house.

"Ron! My Ron! Kerr, you can't abandon Ron. Ron is your child!" Sunny shouted. Subconsciously, Sunny didn't admit that Ron was not a child of the Gu family.

Hearing Sunny's words, Freya became confused. She looked at the baby in her arms and then looked at Lucas in Nicole's arms.

"What the hell is going on? Kerr, make it clear." Freya was a little confused.

"Isn't it clear enough? The one in your arms is your so-called Ron, the child of Sunny and Moore, and the one in Nicole's arms is my son, Lucas." Kerr announced the result straightforwardly.

However, Kerr didn't give up his previous thought. "Harley, you have to get the result as soon as possible for me.

I did all this not because I doubted Nicole, nor because I doubted the relationship between me and Lucas. I want to prove it in the most direct way that Lucas is my biological son and Nicole are my legitimate wife.

I don't want to hear any bad news and rumors about them in the future. If there is someone who wants to slander Nicole and the child, I will not let then go."

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