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   Chapter 331 Exchange Terms

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While Moore's fingers were always on Lucas's neck, as if he would kill Lucas at any time.

Nicole gripped the hem of Kerr's shirt subconsciously.

"Moore, what do you want except the shares of Gu family?" Although Nicole didn't have the shares of Gu family, she could exchange with Moore in other ways.

Even if Moore wanted the Ning Group, Nicole would give it to Moore without hesitation. She just wanted the safety of Lucas.

With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, Moore asked, "What do you think? What do you want in exchange with me?" He would try every means to get what he wanted.

Anyway, he couldn't stay in the Gu family after today. It was better to cut off all means of retreat.

"You just want the shares of the Gu Group. I don't have any, but I have the Ning Group. You should know that the current Ning Group is very different from the past."

Nicole analyzed calmly, hoping to distract Moore's attention. She kept staring at Moore's hand, worried that he would hurt Lucas.

But she couldn't show it at all.

"In fact, Moore, the reason why you want to cooperate with Daniel is just for these assets. Why don't you consider my suggestion?" Nicole tried to persuade Moore.

By now, everyone present had known the truth.

Kerr stood in front of Nicole to protect her and said to Moore, "Let go of the child. I'll give you a way out." In fact, Kerr didn't intend to let go of Moore at all.

The feud between them could be easily solved with a few words.

After weighing what Nicole said in his mind, Moore couldn't help but shift his attention from the child.

"Moore, you can't just think about those assets. Where are my child?" Sunny yelled at Moore. She had lost her mind. She was in a bad condition without seeing Ron.

s little hand, she put it to her lips and kissed it gently. "Mommy will never lose you again." It had only been three days since she gave birth to Lucas, but she had a feeling that these three days were as long as three years.

Kerr gently patted on Nicole's shoulder and comforted her.

"No one can take him away from you." Kerr thought it was him who make Nicole so worried.

Nicole nodded and focused all her attention on Lucas.

"Moore, tell me, where is my child?" It seemed that Sunny couldn't hear anything. Now she only wanted to find Ron. She didn't know what would happen to Daniel...

The only person left for her now was Ron. She could never lose Ron again.

"Enough! The baby is not here!" Moore shook off Sunny's hand and looked at her angrily.

Sunny fell to the ground, with her eyes empty and in a mess. She looked at Kerr from the corner of her eyes, but dared not to come closer to him.

"Kerr, where is the baby?" Freya stepped forward and asked Kerr.

Her mind was in a mess now. She didn't know which one was Kerr's child, and she didn't know how Kerr replaced the baby.

Not only Freya was confused, everyone present couldn't figure it out.

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