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   Chapter 330 Deception

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After watching the show for so long, the old man finally saw something interesting.

Among the younger generation of Gu family, the old man thought highly of Kerr, so he came here today.

Seeing that Kerr was serious this time, Sunny couldn't help but feel scared. "No, I've done the paternity test for Ron. He is the child of the Gu family. I don't know what you are talking about.

Nothing happened between me and Moore. You are the one I want to marry. I have nothing to do with him." Sunny was eager to get rid of Moore.

The existence of Moore had always been a nightmare for her. She had been hiding this secret for so long but it would come to light soon.

Hearing Kerr's words, Jack's face darkened. He had always trusted Sunny, but now she seemed to have an affair with his adopted son. Jack really didn't know whom to believe.

"Hand over the child to me and do the paternity test now. The truth will be revealed when the result comes out." Jack made a decision.

Moore said in a hurry, "Dad, don't be fooled by Kerr's trick. Harley works for him. Of course, he can get the result Kerr wants.

He is worried that Nicole will leave him because of Ron, because up to now, Kerr has not admitted that he has an affair with Sunny by accident and has a child.

If you really give the baby to Kerr, it is very likely that your own grandson will be taken away and the Gu family is raising other's baby.

The Gu family can't be a joke." Moore deliberately sow dissension between them, and then turned to Kerr, "Kerr, in order to prove your innocence, you blame me for this kind of thing.

I will not admit it." Compared with Sunny's panic, Moore was calm.


n is really brilliant, but he missed one thing."

Moore pretended to be calm. In fact, when he saw Sunny running towards Ron, Moore knew that something bad was going to happen.

But before the last step, Moore would not give up. He had endured humiliation for so many years and waited for today.

"Where is my child?" Sunny turned around and looked at Moore behind her with a confused look. She thought that everything was in Moore's plan. After all, Moore did stop her just now.

But she didn't know that Moore was just pretending.

Looking at Sunny, Moore really regretted choosing Sunny as his stepping stone in his plan, but now he had no choice. "Come here."

At this time, only Sunny would be on his side.

"Don't you want to see your child anymore?" Kerr said indifferently. He didn't want Sunny to come back to Moore.

After all, now Lucas was still in the hands of Moore. It was obvious that Sunny's mood was not normal. The two people who acted abnormal were together. Kerr was very worried about the safety of Lucas.

Sunny rose to her feet and looked at Kerr and Moore, not knowing what to do.

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