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   Chapter 190 I'm Getting Married

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With her elbow on the car door, Nicole touched her forehead with her hand.

In just a few days, however, Nicole felt that a long time seemed to have passed.

When Baron heard the tired voice of Nicole, he knew that she had a hard time since she was with Kerr. She had to confront the Gu family and investigate the Ning Group.

In fact, he could sense that Nicole was no longer the carefree princess who studied in the University. She had grown up, but the change was not because of Baron.

"Is it Kerr's baby?" Though he had known the answer, he still couldn't help but want to hear it from Nicole. It seemed that only in this way could he give up the hope completely.

When Nicole turned around, she met with Baron's eyes. She asked with doubt, "Since you have already known the answer, why do you ask? What's wrong with you? You are so different today." Nicole looked at him with a frown.

Meeting with Baron's eyes, suddenly, a dazzling light came from the opposite side of the street and shone on her. For a moment, she knew what it meant. She reached out to grasp the steering wheel of Baron and quickly adjusted the direction. 

The silver Rolls Royce almost bump against a truck coming from the opposite. Nicole was frightened in a cold sweat. If it were not for her quick reaction, she and Baron would have died in the accident.

"Are you crazy? Baron! I have a life in my womb, and you want me and my baby to die with you?" When the car stopped, Nicole was so angry that she criticized Baron loudly.

Nicole opened the door without hesitation, got out of the car, and stood by the side of the road with a frown.

Baron was sitting on the driver's seat, looking at the angry expression on Nicole's face. At the moment when the light shot towards them, he really thought that

he road.

"I'm getting married." Baron said in a low voice, but there was no joy in his tone. Marriage was supposed to be happy, but it was too painful for him.

On hearing what he said, Nicole stopped and asked, "Is it Maggie Chen?" Since the last time Nicole met Maggie Chen, she had known what Maggie was thinking about.

If Baron was going to get married, then the bribe must be Maggie.

Baron didn't say anything, but turned around and got into his car.

Nicole sat back next to Baron and looked at him with a frown. She knew that he didn't like Maggie, so she tried to persuade him, "Baron, no matter what happened in the past, if you've decided to marry her, please be loyal to your marriage."

She was reminding Baron. Although she didn't know why he suddenly decided to get married, as long as he made a decision, there was no right to go back on his word.

"I know. She is pregnant with my child. But do you know why she is pregnant?" Baron gave a wry smile and started the car without looking at her. "Because I mistook her as you."

Baron would never forget how happy he was when he thought he was with Nicole, but when he opened his eyes, he saw the face beside him clearly.

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