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   Chapter 184 The Purpose Of Threat

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Sitting beside Kerr, Nicole held his hand and said calmly as if she was making a joke.

But he didn't say anything in response. She leaned her head against Kerr and said, "Kerr, I'm willing to have a try because of you. But you have to promise me that you won't keep me waiting too long, okay?"

No one answered her, but she knew that Kerr had heard it.

After dinner, Nicole sat in the study. Jared was following her. He was a little embarrassed as he looked at the itinerary that Kerr had prepared.

According to the arrangement of Kerr before, he would attend a lot of business banquets, but now he hasn't woken up, so Nicole couldn't work too hard, obviously this cannot be achieved.

"What's wrong?" As soon as Nicole looked up, she saw the embarrassed look on Jared's face, so she asked.

When he heard her, he passed the schedule to her. "Here's the thing, Miss Ning. This is the previous schedule of Master. I've cancelled all the schedules that can be cancelled, except for a few. They are really..."

In fact, Kerr Gu could choose not to attend the party, but it was not good for the reputation of the Gu Group.

After all, it was a promise from Kerr.

Nicole glanced at the previous arrangement and nodded. "It's okay. These schedules are not concentrated. I can go there. At worst, I don't drink. It's better for me to leave early."

She knew that if there was any way, Jared would solve it for her, and now there was nothing he could do.

When he heard her, Jared could only nod to agree. According to the arrangement, there would be a business dinner tomorrow evening, and he would prepare for her in advance.

Nicole handed a project to Jared. "This project is what Kerr valued most before. It's already finished half of the project. You must keep an eye on it. Don't make any mistake."

She tried her best to protect

you as long as you are obedient. I still have something to ask you for help." Moore put his hand on Lily's shoulder and whispered in her ear.

But when she heard what Moore said, Lily was shocked with her eyes wide open. She took on an expression of shock and asked, "do you want me to steal the documents from Nicole?" Until now, Lily finally understood why Moore asked her to work beside Nicole.

Looking at Lily's surprised face, Moore touched her cheek gently with his fingers and said, "you'd better be obedient. Otherwise, the photos you worried most will be sent to your parents and your boyfriend."

The next morning, Lily received a phone call from Nicole before she woke up.

Lily cautiously put the phone near her ear. "Nicole? What's wrong? "

Nicole was sitting at the table and drinking milk. "I have something to do today, so I will be late. Can you help me sort out the documents on my desk? I need them when I arrive at the company."

Lily nodded her head and replied, "I know. Don't worry." Then Lily hung up the phone. She heaved a sigh of relief and was about to stand up when she felt an arm coming over her waist.

"Do you remember what I told you last night?" Moore warned Lily, his eyes full of menace.

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