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   Chapter 182 Make The Decision For Him

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Said Jared Kang, walking beside Nicole.

Walking towards the seat where Kerr would take before, Nicole sat down calmly and gracefully.

The board members looked at each other, puzzled.

Sitting in the corner, Moore didn't show much emotion on his face.

"You said that you have got the permission of Mr. Gu, what evidence do you have? How can you sit here?" President Liang looked at Nicole and thought that she was so young that she could be where she was today just because she had seduced Kerr.

Hearing what director Liang said, Nicole did not get angry but smiled faintly. "Your words are not objective. I think everyone here has the same question. Then I'll explain it again."

Nicole's eyes swept over everyone present and finally fell on Moore. "Kerr has very important things to do recently, and it will soon bring new benefits to the Gu Group. So during Kerr's busy time, I will temporarily be the CEO of the Gu Group. This is the authorization letter." Nicole took out the authorized letter from her bag and put it on the table of the meeting room.

"There's no need to do that. I believe what you said, Miss Ning. My brother is able to hand over the whole Gu Group to you. You really won the heart of him, Miss Ning."

On the surface, Moore was protecting Nicole and Kerr, but it implied that he had doubts about what kind of person Nicole was and what her purpose was.

Looking at Moore's face, Nicole was well prepared, so she was not surprised. "You are right. I believe that everyone here knows about Kerr. So we should believe in his ability and insight."

"Although I don't have much experience in this respect, I have been guided by Kerr. By the way, I haven't paid any attention to the project that Director Gu has gotten for the Gu Group. How's it going?"

Nicole knew that everyone present paid no attention to her, but these so-called president had never been involved in the real management of the Gu Group.

Only when they got into trouble did they come to say that Kerr should be responsible for it. But they forgot that it was because of Kerr that they could live a comfortable life. Thinking of this, Nicole felt bitterly disappointed.

But no matter what happened, Nicole was always determined to be with

rogress of these projects over the next period of time."

"I will not give you a blank cheque, but you can see my actual actions. I will use the most direct way to let everyone see the effects."

Those projects that had gone wrong were not difficult to solve, but she was sure that there was indeed someone who was behind the scenes.

"It would be nice if what Miss Ning said is true, but if not... How are you going to make it up? "

"After all, Miss Ning is not the employee of the Gu Group. At that time, the project will be damaged and miss Ning will leave. The Gu Group will be in trouble."

"Miss Ning, please don't get me wrong. I didn't mean to offend you. I'm just stating a fact. That's what everyone is worried about."

What Moore was doing was to corner Nicole. Only by doing so could he be able to drive Kerr out of the Gu Group.

"That's right. I'm afraid we can't be convinced by Miss Ning's words."

Everyone was echoing with him.

Nicole took a deep breath, but still with a faint smile on her face, not nervous at all.

"Now that you all want my promise, then I'll give you one." She paused on purpose, thinking that she was cutting off all means of retreat.

"I promise everyone here that if I really cause damage to the Gu Group because of me, I will dismiss myself and leave the Gu Group."

Everyone was puzzled when they heard what she said. As Nicole was not a member of the Gu Group, such a promise was meaningless. Only Moore could understand what she meant.

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