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   Chapter 175 Dreams Are Opposite

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"I heard from Kerr that you are planning something? Why did you avoid me to talk about it? Does this have anything to do with me? "

Although Kerr didn't tell her, she knew that he was giving her a surprise. But the surprise hadn't been completed yet, and the person who wanted to surprise her fell asleep.

In fact, she wanted Kerr to tell her the surprise himself when he woke up, but she wanted to know now that it might help the Gu Group.

After giving a glance at Kerr who was still lying on the bed with his eyes closed, Harley hesitated for a moment and decided to tell Nicole. After all, no one knew what would happen in the future, so if it was able to move Nicole, he must let her know.

"Yes, it has something to do with you. Kerr knows that rebuilding the Ning Group is always your wish, so since the last celebration party ended, he has already been able to ask me to start rebuilding the Ning Group."

"Part of them have been prepared, but it will take some time."

In fact, Harley wanted to say that given the current situation of Kerr, he couldn't focus on the business of the Ning Group at all. It was a surprise that Kerr prepared for Nicole, and he didn't want to disappoint her.

There was no surprise on Nicole's face when she heard this, as if she had already guessed it. She looked at Kerr with pleasure in her eyes.

She put her head on Kerr's shoulder. It seemed that she was leaning on Kerr and the corners of her mouth rose slightly. "Thank you, Kerr."

She was grateful for meeting Kerr. He let her know the feeling of love and being loved. She could knew that there were really two people in the world with no blood relationship living in different worlds, but because of some special fate, they attracted each other, met each other, knew each other and fell in love.

Looking at the miserable couple, Harley turned around.

Nicole closed her eye

In fact, there was another way. He could accept the price offered by Daniel. It was not that he couldn't accept it. But now Kerr was in a special situation, so he didn't dare to act rashly.

"Stop it. I might need your help to develop the Gu Group in the future. As for the Ning Group, it doesn't matter now that it has been in the past. I just want to keep everything that belongs to Kerr."

In order to give her a surprise, Kerr became like this. She thought it was time for her to do something for Kerr since it was enough for him to be in love with her.

In the eyes of Nicole, whether it was the Ning Group or the Gu Group, they were not as important as the safety of Kerr.

"I see. Don't worry. Ken and I will try our best to help you, and you don't have to worry about Jay. I sent him to Ken's home. Bonnie was also there."

Harley was afraid that someone might use Jay's existence to threaten Kerr and Nicole, so he sent him away as soon as possible.

Nicole nodded to him and said, "thank you, Harley."

She was grateful that there were people she could trust at this time. Although she knew that both Harley and Ken treated her differently because of Kerr, she still felt grateful.

After all, not everyone has such care and courage.

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