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   Chapter 174 The Decision To Go Back

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Hearing what Nicole had said, Freya only felt her blood pressure rising continuously. She knew that Kerr was with Nicole now but that woman didn't let her talk to Kerr.

Or maybe Kerr was avoiding her intentionally.

"Tell Kerr that he must return to the Gu Group now! I hope he can come back and marry the daughter of the He family as soon as possible since Moore has taken actions and I haven't given my shares to Kerr yet."

Freya knew that Nicole would know the matter sooner or later, so she did not intend to hide it from her.

Nicole's eyes became dim after she heard what Freya had said. But thinking of Kerr's current situation, she could not help but hold back her tears.

She wouldn't let herself break so easily. Right now, she was the only one who would do everything to protect Kerr.

"Mrs. Gu, if Kerr didn't marry Sunny He, would you be willing to transfer your shares to Kerr? I know you don't like me, but I hope you can think about what kind of person Kerr is.

Let me make it clear to you. Kerr will never marry Sunny. If you allow yourself to see other people getting what belongs to Kerr, then I have nothing to say."

After saying that, Nicole hung up the phone. In fact, she was gambling on her mother's concern for Kerr.

She walked towards Kerr after she handed the phone to Kim. She bent over and held his hand as she talked to him with a gentle look in her eyes. "I will never let anything that belongs to you fall into the hands of others."

She turned her head to look at Kim behind her as she stood up.

"Kim, get everything ready and let's go back. Kerr is not safe here. And as if that wasn't enough, the Gu Group really needs us now."

She knew what the risks meant to go back this time, but there was no other way. No matter how difficult it was, she would stick to her instincts because she knew that Kerr would definitely wake up sooner or lat

ld make her more disappointed.

"Have you thought about what you should do first when we arrive?" Looking at the situation of Kerr, Harley was a little worried. Surely, the Gu family was not willing to accept the existence of Nicole.

If the Gu family had known what had happened to Kerr, they might have brought him back to their place as soon as they found out.

As the eldest son of the Gu family, Kerr certainly could be taken care of. Even if he lost the Gu Group, Kerr still had the surname of Gu. But Nicole was different. She not only had Jay, but also Kerr's child.

Harley didn't even dare to imagine how difficult Nicole's situation would be without the presence of Kerr.

Hearing that, Nicole shook her head slightly. "I haven't given it too many thoughts. I only know that I can't make Kerr lose everything that belongs to him. Everything of the Gu Group and the Gu family belongs to Kerr by right.

He will wake up one day and I will be waiting for him, so I'll be the first person that he sees when he regains his consciousness."

She was quite sure about it. Even when she knew that Kerr was in a coma, she had never doubted that he wouldn't always stay paralyzed.

Suddenly, something occurred to Nicole, so she turned to look at Harley.

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