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   Chapter 168 Playing With The Fire

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Kerr looked at the girl who was getting better, and he felt relieved.

Leaning against Kerr's chest, with a happy smile on her face, Nicole looked at the tenderness in his eyes and she was really glad to meet such a Kerr.

"Got it."

Nicole's face was so close to Kerr that her warm breath was on his skin. She was not aware of it at all, but Kerr's body became stiff because of her slight movements.

Looking at the little woman in his arms, Kerr sighed softly, but in the end, he did not push Nicole away. He muttered.

"My little beauty."

Not knowing what he was talking about, she raised her head and looked at him in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

Looking at the innocent expression of Nicole, Kerr didn't want to hurt her, so he let go of her arm and walked to the bathroom.

Looking at the back of Kerr, she could roughly guess what he was doing. She lay down and laughed maniacally. "Hahaha."

When he heard that, Kerr turned on the faucet. The cold water on the body helped to relieve the heat inside Kerr's body, but the voice of Nicole passed to his ears continuously, which made him helpless.

When he put on his bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom, he saw the bright smile on her face. There was a threat in his eyes.

"You'll see."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Kerr wiped the water on his hair with a bath towel and turned his back to Nicole.

Nicole, however, sat up and hugged him from behind. She pressed her face against his back and said softly.

"Are you sure?"

It seemed that she knew what kind of reaction Kerr would have, so she became more unbridled.

To Kerr, it seemed that Nicole's hand had reached into

the truth, the price is an exorbitant price, but they seem to be sure that I will accept it, so they have no intention of making a concession. I was going to take some unusual measures."

Speaking of this, Harley paused. It was not like what he would do. It was Ken's idea.

"But it won't work. This group obviously has a more powerful background. I have specially investigated it. I just received the news that the boss of this group is..."

Before he could finish his words, a person came into Kerr's mind, so he said it directly.

"Daniel He."

Hearing this, Harley was shocked and looked at Kerr in disbelief.

"How do you know?"

It took a lot of effort for him to get the news. If he had known that Kerr had known the person behind it, he would not have taken such great effort.

"I just guessed it. In a city, in addition to Gu's family, Su's family and Qin's family, there was only He's family who has the ability to do this. Besides, Sunny He is not smart. That's why only Daniel He can do it."

Though Kerr had thought it over, he didn't expect that Daniel would support his marriage with Sunny He.

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