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   Chapter 164 A World Of Two People

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It was not until the plane landed that she woke up slowly. She was held in Kerr's arms and got off the plane. Looking at the blue sky and blue sea in front of her, she felt unprecedentedly relieved.

It seemed to be more close to the nature. Nicole breathed the fragrance of the air, which could not be felt in a bustling city. She liked it, but her eyes were full of doubts.

"Where am I? Aren't we here on a business trip? "

On hearing the question, Kerr just smiled faintly and put his arm around her shoulder, with a sense of satisfaction in his eyes.

"Do you like it?"

In fact, everything didn't matter as long as Nicole like it.

Nicole nodded. She did not like too much decoration in the first place. Probably she preferred the serenity of the nature more than the previous living environment.

So when she heard that Kerr wanted to develop the land for her, she was touched. She had never told anyone what she wanted, but Kerr could easily guess it.

And he brought to her what she liked.

"As long as you like it, just give me some time. When everything is done, I will give you a surprise. From now on, I will accompany you to do everything you want."

He believed that Nicole would like the plan of the Sea Heart Island, but it was not the time yet.

"Nicole, although I can give up everything in the Gu family, I still have responsibility for it. I can give up everything in the Gu family, but I can't let the Centennial business of the Gu family fall into the hands of others."

Kerr knew Moore's ambition. As a member of the Gu family, Kerr was supposed to protect everything belonging to the family, which was none of the business of his father and mother, but just his duty.

"I understand, Kerr. Actually, I don't care at all. Whether you are the president of the Gu Group or not doesn't matter. No matter what happens, Jay and I will always be with you."

d and looked directly into the eyes of Moore. She was shocked. In fact, Moore was very handsome, always very friendly, and always smiled.

If she didn't take a closer look at him, she would have thought that he was still a student.

"Do you have time tonight? I want to have dinner with you and get to know more about the company. You know, I just came back from abroad and don't know much about the business. "

Lily wanted to refuse. But when she saw the sincerity in Moore's eyes, she couldn't help nodding.

After a long time, Lily began to regret that she didn't refuse Moore at that time.

By the sea, the sunshine burnt everyone hot but Kerr had given a very cool room for Nicole.

Seated in a rattan chair, Nicole looked at the beautiful flowers with a face full of satisfaction.

It was not suitable to plant flowers on the beach, but Kerr had asked people to specially bring the soil which was suitable for flowers to grow and build this flower room in front of them.

"Kerr, are we really on a business trip?"

There was a sense of teasing in her tone. She looked at Kerr, who was sitting leisurely beside her. No one could be as enjoying a business trip as they were. The idea that Jay was cheated by his family made her feel ill at ease.

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