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   Chapter 163 Just Nod and Accept It

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Nicole put down the things in her hands as she looked directly into Kerr's eyes with a bit of resentment.

"You were such a playboy, Kerr. You shouldn't even dare to think that I don't know that you had plenty of mistresses before I came back. You even forced them to abort your child. How can I rest peacefully after knowing such gross actions of you?"

She was still in a state of shock when she thought about it. Although Kerr had never treated her like that, she had no idea whether she would be safe or not as time went by.

After all, people's minds were changeable all the time.

The light in Nicole's eyes dimmed as she thought of this. She lowered her head to avoid eye contact with Kerr while she was trying to forget her worries and remember how well he had treated her all this time.

Kerr cupped her face and pecked her lips with a smile on his face.

"Nicole, it doesn't matter the amount of women that I've met before. You must know that whatever happened in the past won't have any effects on what's happening now between us. You're my present and future. Why didn't you ask me earlier? You wouldn't have made such disorderly conjectures if you asked me.

The child I asked her to abort was not mine. Thus, she was the one that took the final decision to not give birth to the baby. The only thing that I desire to have is your child. When will you finally bring to this world a daughter for me?"

Kerr held Nicole in his arms and whispered in her ear.

His words made her feel better. Whether he was making excuses for himself or not, she was willing to believe him.

However, she pushed him away.

"You're going to have to keep on wishing for that to ever happen. Tell Jay to come down. Dinner will be ready soon."

Wearing a blush of shyness, Nicole pushed Kerr out of the kitchen and took a deep breath before she started cooking.

A few minutes later, four dishes and a soup were carried to the table by Nicole. Although the food was simple, it was quite exquisite. Besides, she had always told Jay that he mus

er head helplessly.

"Could you please stop speaking nonsense in front of Jay?"

When the dinner was over, Nicole went back to her bedroom to pack up her things. Kerr simply gave Harley a few orders, and then followed Nicole back to her bedroom.

Looking at their backs, Jay felt a bit angry and indignant.

"It seems that you have no choice but to be with me during the following few days." Harley directed those words to Jay with obvious sympathy in his eyes.

Jay stood up and returned to his bedroom as he heard Harley's words.

Everyone went to sleep until the sun would rise again.

It was an early morning when Kerr had already prepared a helicopter for Nicole. He held her hand and led her way out of the villa.

Standing at the door of the villa, Nicole looked through a small window with her eyes. She felt reluctant to leave Jay. Kerr was worried that Nicole wouldn't be willing to let go of her son, so he arranged his trip as early as he could.

"Don't worry. We'll be back soon."

He put his arm around her shoulder and got into the car.

As soon as Jay had seen the car vanishing from his sight, he started bursting into tears.

When she was on the plane, Nicole still felt a bit unsettled. Fortunately, she felt a sense of comfort with the presence of Kerr.

Eventually, she closed her eyes as she was leaning on Kerr's shoulder.

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