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   Chapter 161 Just Ignore It

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His intuition told Kerr that what was on Nicole's mind had something to do with him.

Hearing his question, Nicole shook her head. "You will know when we arrive there." Now that they had decided to be together, they had to face the fact sooner or later.

The car stopped at the gate of the cemetery. Looking at the surroundings in front of him, Kerr knew what was happening, but he didn't refuse her. He held Nicole's hand and opened the door of the car for her.

"Aren't you afraid?"

In fact she meant if he would mind. This was a very solemn place.

"That's exactly what I want to ask you. Do you think I will be afraid?"

Kerr wanted to make her feel his sincerity. No matter how dangerous or distant the place was, as long as it was where she was going, he would not hesitate to hold her hand and be with her.

What's more, in the eyes of Kerr, it's a good thing for Kerr to be brought here by Nicole. It's kind of affirmation of him.

The smile on Nicole's face disappeared, but her heart became extremely calm because of Kerr's words. She walked to her parents' tombstone, and looked at the photo on it. She said after a moment of silence.

"Someone gave me a present today, but I don't like it." She turned to look at Kerr standing beside her. There was an inquiring expression in her eyes but there was no doubt in it.

Looking at her eyes, Kerr knew that this was what she was hiding from him. But he was glad that she was sharing her feelings with him.

"If you don't like it, just ignore it."

As long as it's something that Nicole likes in the world, Kerr will give it to her at any price. But if it's something that she doesn't like, then Kerr will make it disappear in front of her.

Nicole raised her hand and handed the bag to Kerr, eyes fixed on his face.

"Do you believe it?"


ed to give to her would be gone, so Kerr decided to take her out to relax during this time.

Many things had happened these days, so he didn't want to make Nicole too nervous.

Hearing what Kerr had said, Nicole was slightly shocked. After hesitating for a while, she did not want to refuse.

"I'll go back and pack up Jay's package and mine."

Since it was dangerous here, she might as well leave with Jay temporarily. It happened that Kerr was on a business trip so that his work would not be affected. In Nicole's heart, as long as there were Kerr and Jay, there was her home

"We can't take Jay with us this time. During this period of time, Harley will take care of him. Don't worry. Whether it is the Gu family or the He family, they will try their best to separate us. So I think Jay will not become their goal."

This was their lovers' world. In the future, the three of them still had a lot of opportunities to live together. So now, Kerr just wanted to enjoy the opportunity of being alone with Nicole.

He turned to look at Nicole with a meaningful look in his eyes.

Nicole hesitated. After all, since Jay was born, she had never been away from him, and she was afraid that Jay wouldn't agree.

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