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   Chapter 159 The Package That Suddenly Came

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In the Gu's villa.

Nicole was busy in the kitchen and looked at the newly made cake in her hand. A faint smile appeared on her face.

"Mom, dad will be spoiled by you."

Jay stood in front of the kitchen door and frowned. It seemed that women were all gullible. They were already busy cooking for others before they married them.

He sounded helpless, completely forgetting that the "others" in his heart might be his father.

"I don't think so. Doesn't Jay love cheese cake very much? I just cook for Jay. "

Afraid that Jay would be jealous of Kerr, Nicole tried to console Jay in this way. She looked at him who looked just like his father, Kerr.

Hearing the words of Nicole, Jay shook his head helplessly and walked out of the kitchen.

At the gate of the Gu's villa, when Avery stopped the car, she saw a man dressed in an express worker wandering around the gate of the Gu villa, as if he was in a dilemma.

"What do you want to do?"

Avery got off the car, walked to the man and asked.

"Hello, here is a parcel for Miss Ning, but..."

The courier looked at the heavily guarded villa of Gu family, feeling embarrassed.

"Let me handle it. I'll give it to her."

Avery reached out to take the package bag from the man's hand, and pinched it. It should be just some documents and materials, so it shouldn't be dangerous. Then, she walked into the Gu's villa.

At the same time, Vedder came up to her and greeted her in person.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Lin. Master has told me that you will come over. Miss Ning is making cakes in the kitchen."

An hour ago, Vedder received a call from Kerr. He knew that Avery would come.

"You don't have to bother me. I'll go and find Nicole myself. Is Jay at home?"

Avery had always been

he saw the content, she was shocked and looked at her wide eyed.

"Is that true? Kerr was the one who forced uncle Ning to death. The Gu Group was the main force that destroyed the Ning Group in the past? Nicole... Do you really think so? "

In fact, Avery had found some clues before, but many things happened later and the clue was stopped.

"All the clues you've collected are pointing to Kerr, right? Avery, you told me before. "

Nicole calmly looked at the shocked expression on Avery face as if she was talking about someone else, but Nicole knew her heart was very uneasy. She was just trying to make herself calm down.

The more difficult it was, the calmer she needed to be.

Avery recalled the investigation before and frowned.

"I did investigate these things, but I found that there were more than one people investigating the matter. When I went to get the evidence, someone was faster than me."

"Now what I know is that your father really wanted to cooperate with the Gu Group, but the cooperation was terminated for some reason. The Ning Group suffered a loss, and then the Ning Group lost many projects."

"Gu Group managed to get these projects."

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