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   Chapter 158 Rebuild The Ning Group

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 6622

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On hearing the words of Kerr, Nicole nodded earnestly and watched him leave the villa.

Sitting in the car, Kerr's face was gloomy, not as gentle as before.

"Master, Moore came to the company early in the morning. He went directly to miss Ning's previous office and asked Lily for all the information about the new project. Now he is organizing a meeting to study the new plan."

Jared drove the car and briefy reported to Kerr about the company's situation. His voice was full of obvious worry. That Moore Gu entered the Gu Group so quickly could not be neglected.

"Besides, I got a call just now. He fired a few employees of Miss Ning and asked the personnel department to post new recruitment information."

After hearing this, a disdainful smile climbed up the corners of Kerr mouth. It was obvious that Moore was cultivating his own power at a fast pace. But it was too obvious for him to do so.

Kerr had always known that Moore was an ambitious man. He clearly remembered that when he appeared in the Gu family house, More was thin and small at that time, but when he looked at Kerr, his eyes were full of obvious jealousy.

That was why he had never been so intimate with Moore.

"He wants to cultivate his own power. Don't care about him. Help me to keep those who had been fired by Moore. They are useful. From now on, you should pay close attention to anyone who was fired by Moore and don't let Moore find out."

This plan had been in Kerr mind for a long time. Now it was the best time for him to take advantage of Moore's unreasonable behavior in the Gu Group.

Through the rearview mirror, Jared saw the smile on Kerr's face. Although he didn't understand what Kerr wanted to do, he nodded in agreement.

"I get it, Master, don't worry. Should we inform Moore Gu of the board meeting later? Yesterday, Uncle Kelvin told me that My Lord would attend the board of directors with Moore. "

There was a hint of cautiousness in Jared's tone. I

he saw the new Ning Group.

This was a great gift he gave to Nicole. Since Nicole gave him such a big surprise, he naturally had to return it.

"Any problem?"

It was his decision, and no one could stop him. But he had to hide it from Nicole, or there would be no surprise.

Harley's face was full of helplessness. He hadn't found Harrow yet, and now he was in a terrible situation. However, when he heard Kerr's firm tone, he had no choice but to nod in agreement.

"I see. Leave it to me. If you want to recover it, we can modify it on the basis of the original one."

But he knew that Kerr just wanted to satisfy one of Nicole's wishes.

In the He's villa, sitting on the sofa, Sunny was full of resentment in her eyes. Now that the He family and the Gu family had fought openly against each other for the sake of Nicole and the Gu family, then the engagement between the he family and the Gu family would be cancelled.

Something came to her mind. She took out her phone and dialed a number.

"The information I asked you to prepare can be sent for use now. I will send it to Nicole anonymously right away. Now, she must be protected by Kerr in the villa. You must find a way to send it in."

The man at the other end of the line nodded in agreement even if he didn't think it was a good idea.

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