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   Chapter 157 I Really Want To Rebuild The Ning Group

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Kerr gently kissed the corner of Nicole's mouth, stood up, and left.

He went downstairs where he paused for a moment to look at the man and the boy who were playing international chess in the living room with a leisurely attitude.

"I don't feel like playing this anymore."

With a random push, Harley scattered the pieces across the board—clearly he was about to be defeated. He looked at Kerr as if pleading with his family member and thought that he finally had a way out.

"Uncle Su, you were losing the game. You can't break your promise just because I am a child."

Seeing the expression on Harley's face, Jay reminded him earnestly.

"Who said that I was breaking my promise? We can finish the game, but I can't do it now."

With this excuse, Harley looked at Kerr, avoiding Jay's keen eyes.

"What happened? Does your father want to force you to hand over your power?"

It was the logical conclusion. It seemed that all parents liked to use this trick to try and get their way. It had been the same when Harley had tried to escape from his marriage by going abroad.

"More or less. It's not quite that serious. How is everything going with Ken?"

Kerr had made a mental note of it. Anyway, it was dangerous for either Jay or Nicole to stay here. Besides, Kerr had his own suspicions about what had happened yesterday.

Hearing this, Harley shrugged his shoulders.

"I have called him. Ken said that everything is fine, but it will take some time. I guess you'll have to deal with the trouble here, too. There were so many coincidences last night."

After returning last night, Harley had carefully reflected on the whole event. There were just too many things that happened for it to be circumstantial, which probably meant that someone had set everything up.

While he considered this, Kerr picked up the cup from the table and took a sip of water.

"This matter somehow concerns the He family. I don't think it is that simple. I have asked Jared to look into it. I have something else for you to do."

be together, they would have to face the future together. Therefore, Nicole had to share her true thoughts with Kerr.

"I know. I trust you."

Then he looked at her, kissed her forehead gently, and made up his mind. But he didn't reveal any of this to her. In fact, he had already made this decision last night, but now he was even more determined.

Seeing the trust in Kerr's eyes, Nicole felt relieved, and her restless heart gradually eased down.

"What are you going to do about Gregory Song and Fiona Zhao?"

She felt that last night must have been a sort of set-up. When Kerr had told her that he was going to deal with them, she didn't even think about it. But now she felt sure that they knew something about what had happened.

"Leave them to me. Don't worry."

As soon as Kerr said this, his phone rang in his pocket. Looking at the Caller ID on the screen, he released Nicole's hand, and got up from the bedside to answer the call.

Kerr didn't say anything, but he just listened to the voice from the other end.

Nicole looked at Kerr's back with doubtful eyes.

"Got it," he finally said.

After ending the call, he looked into Nicole's eyes, and walked back to her.

"I have something to deal with at the company. I'll come back later. You stay here at home and don't go out. I'll send someone to protect you and Jay here."

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