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   Chapter 154 The Warmth Only She Could Give

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This was her anticipation for the future of Nicole and Kerr, and also what she hoped. In other words, she hoped that Kerr would realize early that the so-called love was not so important.

The marriage between Freya and Jack was a commercial one. In order to consolidate the power of the Gu family and the Qin family, they could live under the same roof, so naturally, Freya thought that love was not important.

Hearing Freya's voice, Nicole felt pathetic. She shook her head and did not want to explain to her anymore. She just left the Gu family directly.

In the study on the second floor, Jack was sitting behind the desk, Moore was sitting opposite him, and Kerr was standing in front of the French window, looking at the darkness outside.

"I've decided to let Moore enter the GR group and replace Nicole Ning to be the new project director of the project department. The project got from the bidding will also be handed over to Moore too as a transition for him."

"After this project is finished, Moore would be the vice president of the company and take over the Gu Group with you."

There was firmness in Jack's words. He was not discussing with Kerr at all, but just informed him. Even if Kerr was the president of the Gu Group, who had been in charge of the company for many years, also had the shares of the Gu Group.

However, Jack owned the most share. Therefore, he had a say in the company, which was a method Jack used to control Kerr.

Hearing Jack's decision, a trace of feigned surprise appeared on his face. Looking at Jack, he said.

"Dad, I don't think it's a good idea. My eldest brother has been managing the group all the time and I'm not familiar with it. Forget it. He didn't make any mistakes before I came back. I don't think it's appropriate for me to get into the Gu Group all of a sudden."

Moore refus


When he was about to walk outside, it was already dark outside. If Nicole went back alone, she might be in danger. Kerr was worried about her, so he was about to go out to look for her, but Freya stopped him.

"Kerr, don't give up more important things just because of a good feeling for a moment. You have to seize those that should belong to you. Believe me, I am the only person in the world who won't hurt you."

When she was about to grab Kerr's hand, she was avoided by him.

Turning his face to one side, Kerr observed Freya. She looked like a stranger. They were close but he felt that they were very far away.

"No, thanks. Only Nicole can give me what I want."

After that, he left the old house without looking back. On the way out of his home, he looked for Nicole on the roadside and soon saw the thin figure sitting on the roadside.

The car stopped by the side of Nicole, and Kerr opened the door to get off. Nicole just sat on the side of the road without looking up at him.

When she felt that someone was approaching her, she sensed a familiar scent and lifted the corners of her mouth. She kept the same posture for a while, which made her feet a little numb, so she didn't move or look at Kerr.

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