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   Chapter 151 What Kind Of Child Did I Give Birth To

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Nicole tried to persuade Kerr, but obviously he wasn't going to change his mind. He just stood beside her.

Now, it was a critical period, so Kerr didn't want to leave Nicole. Since the identities of Nicole and Jay had been exposed to everyone, he didn't have to care about that anymore.

"I promised you that I would never ever leave you and Jay again."

When she saw the determined look on Kerr's face, Nicole smiled faintly and could only sigh helplessly to Freya, so she planned to leave with Kerr. She did not want to let Kerr do something against his will.

"Miss Ning, though Kerr doesn't care about these things, they are very important to him. I hope Miss Ning can pay attention."

Freya knew that now they could only try to influence Nicole. Only she could persuade Kerr. Freya couldn't watch Kerr being so capricious.

Hearing what she said, Nicole sighed slightly and looked up at Kerr.

"Let's go to the Gu family together."

Finally, she made a compromise for Kerr. She wanted to stay with him, maybe in another way. If she helped Kerr guard everything that belonged to him, would she be able to let Freya see her advantages.

Maybe the Gu family would not want to separate them.

She had already lost her biological parents, so her marriage was doomed to be without parents' blessing. However, she still hoped that if she really married to Kerr one day, she could be blessed by the Gu family.

No one didn't want to get the approval of their own parents even if it was Kerr who didn't care about it.

"Nicole, what I want is you, and the one you want to be with is me. So you don't need to compromise for anyone or anything. You just need to be yourself."

Kerr was the reason why Nicole made a compromise. But he didb't want to make her feel wronged. He

's wife would come, so he deliberately called him father so his wife could hear that.

Jay looked at Kerr behind him, and then looked at the serious expression on Nicole. He had to confess.

"I took the phone when he was not paying attention. When Uncle Su took me out, I called him."

He skipped the part about he using Harley's identity to order the security


Nicole couldn't do anything to him. When the elders were so troubled, she didn't expect that he, a child, would be able to analyze the value of everyone clearly.

She really doubted what kind of child she gave birth to. Generally speaking, children would be frightened and cry when faced with such a situation. However, Jay was not only fine, but could also help them.

"Is Harley your accomplice?"

Kerr knew that no one would listen to a child before Jay's identity was exposed. In this case, only one person who was able to let Sven's wife in. It was Harley.

"No, he didn't expect that. I went to tell the guard at the gate, but I asked Uncle Su to carry me there."

With a proud look, Jay was looking forward to Kerr's praise.

Even though Jay was clever and highly intelligent, he was still a child.

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