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   Chapter 148 There Is No Birthmark At All

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"Have you forgotten who helped you to beg... Hmm."

Before his wife had finished speaking, Sven covered her mouth with his large palm. His eyes became clouded.

Seeing the rattled expression on Sven's face, Jay covered his mouth and tittered.

"Jay, come here,"

Kerr said as he stretched out his hand towards Jay, worrying that these people he didn't know might hurt him.

When hearing Kerr's voice, Jay dashed to him and stood quietly beside him, watching the drama he had orchestrated play out.


Jack shouted, stopping the chaos as he looked at the unknown woman who was making a scene.

Due to Jack's thunderous voice, the lounge immediately quieted down, and the woman became so scared that she forgot to cry.

"It seems that Mr. Tang's wife is unaware of your affair yet. How about we clarify for everyone present what had happened seven years ago?"

Nicole had never intended to hold on to this, but since the people here did not plan to let her go, she felt no need to be polite, and this would be important in changing the opinions of the Gu family.

Although she had never coveted anything that Kerr owned, she didn't want him to lose anything because of her.

Love meant that two people should have a lot of happiness, not that one person would have to give up something just because he or she wanted to be together with someone. Otherwise, there would always be regrets in the end.

Holding Kerr's hand tightly, Nicole basked in the peace of mind that he brought to her.

"Seven years ago... It's you..."

Looking at the calm expression on Nicole's face, and seeing the angry look on his wife's face, Sven's previous confidence abandoned him, and he even now lacked the courage to repeat what he had just said.

Feeling ashamed, he lowered his head.

Nicole smiled faintly and continued with the topic that Sven had broached.

"Since you can't clarify matters, then allow me to do so for Mr. Tang. According to Mr. Tang, seven years ago, I used G

what had happened seven years ago, I'll share the truth with you now."

Kerr stepped forward and turned around to face Jack.

Regardless of the truth, he would lie for Nicole if she wanted him to. He would give anything to make a happy future for her and Jay. But now, time after time, he had come to understand that

maybe his explanation was not about winning the recognition of his family, but about making everyone realize that Nicole and Jay were openly and irrefutably with him.

"Seven years ago, I met Nicole, and all the details of that is between us. I told you this not to win your approval,

because I don't care whether they are accepted by the Gu family or not. In my heart, Nicole is my one and only, my wife, and Jay is my son,"

Kerr said firmly, as if proclaiming it was a declaration of war on Jack.

"Don't think that everyone is the same as you, who only care about the wealth and standing of the Gu family. If I have to make a choice between them and the Gu family, you should know what my decision will always be."

When Jack was about to chip in, Freya walked to Jack and hinted at him with her eyes not to further irritate Kerr. Then she turned around and regarded Kerr with a smile.

"Since it was a mistake, we will respect your feelings. However, we still can't be sure who Jay's father is."

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