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   Chapter 145 My Woman Was None Of Your Business

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In case of any trouble in the future, Nicole wanted to solve everything today and live a peaceful life from now on.


It was true that Sunny had prepared the gift, but it seemed that she did it deliberately when mentioned by Nicole. Controlling the anger in her heart, Sunny was hesitating if she should take it out.

She turned around and looked at Fiona with a wicked smile.

"Miss He, it was her own request. You don't have to go easy on her. Give it to me. I grew up with Nicole. I know what she is like. She won't give up until she sees the hard evidence."

When Fiona saw the look in Sunny's eyes, she immediately understood what she meant and helped her.

"Is that really good? After all, Miss Ning is also a woman. It will make you embarrassed. You'd better give up. "

Although Sunny said she didn't want to, she had already taken out the photos in her bag.

"Miss He, now that you've brought it with you, why don't you just show it to us? I know everyone here wants to see it,"

Nicole was very calm. She wasn't afraid of anything that she didn't feel guilty about.

Looking at the arrogant behavior of Nicole, Fiona became angry. It seemed that Nicole had been very fortunate since she was a child. Nicole used to be the eldest daughter of Ning family.

Whenever they met, Nicould would always be so happy. She could easily have something that Fiona had tried hard but couldn't get. She waited for a long time to see Ning family go bankrupt.

She was finally able to be on the same level with Nicole then. But Nicole had gone to Manhattan and she was able to hook up with Kirk now. She had seen how he cared about Nicole before.

Why? The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Fiona took the photo from Sunny's hand and swung it towards Nicole.

"Watch out!"

In fact, though Kerr kept silent during the whole time, he had been keeping an eye o

father and everything would be fine.

Standing on her toes, Nicole kissed on Jay's cheek.

"Don't talk nonsense, you child. Your father is in front of you. Don't recognize him as your father."

Frowning, Freya looked at the three happy people in front of her and reminded Jay.

"Kerr, a kid doesn't know how to behave. You can't be willful or follow him. No matter what happens, you can't change your blood relationship. It will be the best choice for him to come back to his biological father."

Jack pointed at Kerr and said in a firm tone.

"Gu family never has a rule of raising a son of other family. Today, I give you two choices. The first one is that you let go of that child right now. You are still the CEO of Gu Group, and the successor of Gu family in the future. I can forgive her for betraying Gu Group."

"Second, you have nothing to do with the Gu Group from now on. You can't get any privileges from the Gu family."

This was the last chance that Jack gave to Kerr. He had been irritated by Kerr.

Hearing what Jack said, Moore was happy. Standing by Jack's side, he said, "Father, don't be angry. My brother was just in a daze. Please give him more time. He will figure it out."

Turning around, he looked at Kerr and said anxiously.

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