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   Chapter 144 Betray The Gu Family

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Then Freya looked at Jack, who was angry, and Moore, who was smiling, with deep meaning in her eyes.

Nicole took the paper over from Freya and opened the paternity test in front of everyone.

She saw the result was 99.3%. It was a comparative analysis of the blood of Jay and Sven. She knew what it meant.

"Now that the paternity test is in place, there is nothing you can deny, Miss Ning. The result of the paternity test shows that Jay is indeed the son of Tang Sven."

Freya's words gave hope to those who were waiting to laugh at Nicole.

"Nicole Ning, what else do you have to say now? You just kept denying it? Now there is the irrefutable evidence! "

Fiona stepped forward and accused Nicole confidently.

"Nicole, I found you when you just came back to A City. I still miss our past. As long as you come back to me, I promise that I will give you and our child an answer."

"I have already told you that you can't entangle with the Gu Group. You want to use Mr. Gu to help you build the Ning Group, but you can't tell such a big lie to the Gu Group."

With his eyes full of resignation, Sven tried to persuade Nicole.

"Miss Ning... Once I thought you really liked Kerr, so I gave in again and again. But I didn't expect that you could even use a little kid. "

"I understand that you need money to rebuild the Ning Group, but you can't disclose the Gu company's information to outsiders. It's a very troublesome thing for the Gu Group. Do you know that?"

When Sunny looked at the calm and collected Nicole, She stepped forward and looked at her with sadness in her eyes. When she finished, she raised her hand to cover her mouth, pretending to spill the beans. However, everyone present clearly heard what she said.

"Did I say something wrong? We are just talking about lady Ning's baby, aren't we?"

Taking a step back, Sunny

, she worked very hard every day as she worked here and never betrayed the Gu Group.

They could defame her, but they needed evidence to prove it.

Even if she left the Gu Group today, they could not admit her contribution, but they could never smear her character like this.

"Miss Ning, do you really have to make it so embarrassing? In fact, as long as you admit your mistake to Uncle Jack and take your children away from Kerr, I will help you persuade him not to look into your legal responsibilities. "

"You know, you will go to prison for stealing business secrets!"

Sunny pretended to be calm and persuaded Nicole kindly.

Even now, Kerr didn't say a word. Sunny couldn't guess his mind at all. She was more and more restless in her heart, but she still maintained calm on the surface.

"Thanks for your reminder, miss he. I remember that slandering and defaming can send people to prison. Since you are so confident that I have betrayed the Gu Group, you must have been well prepared. Show me the evidence you have prepared."

Nicole didn't believe that Sunny was here to watch the fun. Since she had already prepared something for her, she was curious about it. If there was something wrong, she could solve it today.

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